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If he is brave enough to ask for them, take him shopping. However, he should pay for the underwear since it is beyond the basics. Also, consider further conversation since he has been open enough to ask in the first place.

I would say YES, I asked for a thong for my birthday and I got a 3 pack of thongs.

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What kind of underwear should you wear if im a guy?


How do you give someone a wedgie?

Ok first you have to spot your victom then you look to see if it's a thong or underwear!!(thong is way better) then you pulllllll and puuulllll until there thong or underwear rips and then you kick them in the ass and if you want and if you still see there thong or underwear (thong is a million times better)you put something in there

Is it OK for Christian males to wear thong underwear?

Yes. The Bible does not talk about the type of underwear men or women should use.

When not to wear a thong?

The only time it would be wrong is if anyone knew what type of underwear you have on. Underwear should be your 'secret' and because of that, there is no wrong time.

Will thong underwear cause urinary tract infections?

No this will nto result in a UTI. However I have noticed that thong underwear & nylon & silk underwear does result in regular yeast infections. The best underwear to wear is cotton.

Is it ok for men to wear mens thong underwear?

It isn't illegal, but for some men, it should be!

What type of underwear should a teen wear?

A thong :P I love girls that wear thongs......

What type of underwear should at 13 year old boy wear with skinny jeans i think a thong what do u think bc all other underwear bunch up?

The type of underwear that a 13-year old boy should wear with skinny jeans is a thong because it won't show up.

If you wear a thong and underwear can sperm go through them both?

no sperm can only go through a thong because it don't cover her well but underwear does cover her.

Do you wear underwear or a thong under lollies for cheering?

I prefer underwear, but you can wear either.

What underwear does Demi Lovato wear?

she wears a thong

How do you make underwear into a thong?

go ask elmo.

What types of underwear to wear on honeymoon?

thong for women.

What kind of underwear do you wear under a morphsuit?


What do they call the underwear that going in your butt?

it is call a thong

How do you make the underwear thong?

== sexy thong to show your mates well this is a good idea but another one is 1) buysome underwear(or use some you have) 2) and cut it to look like a thong that's all you have to do to make a sexy thong if you want it can be a thin as you want it!! BE SEXY!!

What kind of underwear should you wear with jeans if you want to be a girl?

Since you need to hide your genitals you should wear tight underwear, a thong or a g-string (as previously suggested) will give you no end of trouble.

What underwear does Zac Efron wear?

a man thong he wears gay underwear because he is a gay boy

Can the thong underwear girls are wearing cause vaginal infections or odor?

No. The material it is made of might, but the thong per se does not.

What is a thong?

A thong is also called a G-String. Piece of ladies underwear (knickers) that has thin strip at back that goes between buttocks to minimise underwear lines showing through clothing.

What type of underwear does dylan sprouse wear?

Thong Or sometimes comando

What kind of underwear does Amanda Bynes wear?

None, but sometimes a thong.

Is thong underwear attractive?

for guys to see it on girls, a big YES!

What colour underwear does tulisa wear?

White Thong with hearts x

How should you wear a thong?

Uh, put one leg through each leg hole like any other underwear???

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