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What should you do if your 2002 Silverado is misfiring and the Check Engine light is on after using a bottle of fuel system cleaner?


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2012-02-25 14:22:53
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Take it to Auto Zone and have the codes downloaded and read.

AnswerIf you download the codes (as above states) and they are too cryptic to decipher, then:

Could be any or all of the following:

Fuel pump - not working at full capacity

Fuel lines - restricted somewhere

Injectors - clogged ( or still clogged in your case)

Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel line just before the throttle body and see if you are getting enough pressure (15psi). If not, then your fuel lines should be inspected and if they are OK (which is probably the case) then the fuel pump should be replaced. If the pressure is good then you most likely have a problem with the injectors. These can be replaced at a cost of a few hundred dollars or so.

also if you have the avability of the a tech 2 after checking the fuel system first to check the injectors you want to prefrom what is called an injector balance test, which will test each injector for it proper function. But normally if you have a misfire use the tech 2 and look at engine misfire this will tell you which cylinders are misfiring check the plug wires with a approved spark tester and then you might want to pull the plug and visually inspect it also

check your fuel pressure regulator 1st then injectors, independent ingnition koils, then your fuel pump( the fuel stst. cleaner could have knocked a piece of carbon lose in your injectors and is npw cloging it. O yeah check your pcm

I had my engine swapped and got the same code reading. So we put in some high octane race fuel to clean out the engine. And yes it did work!


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assuming you don't have a cap on the radiator, you pour it into the overflow bottle. on my 03 it's located on the passenger side of the engine compartment, against the firewall.

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Here are some examples:This hubcap is cleaner than that one.I've spilled the bottle of cleaner on the carpet.

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go to your local auto parts store and ask for a bottle of complete fuel system cleaner. read and follow the exact directions on the bottle to achieve best results. hope this helped : )

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The Lucas Upper Cylinder and Injector cleaner is versatile on all cars with fuel injectors. It is also referred to as "Tune-Up in a Bottle." Use every 2-3 months at most or more if needed.

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Usually tip in a quarter of the bottle in to a full tank for carburettor and injection vehicles. Sometimes for best effects you can pour the cleaner in the fuel tank at the gas pump, then top up with petrol. If you have a carburettor engine instead of injection you can pour a quarter over carburettor slowly while the engine is running with someone giving a slow rev by lightly pressing the accelerator. Rev the engine hard for a minute then keep the revs up for at least 10 mins. You can always do a quarter of a bottle of redex (fuel cleaner) to quarter or half a tank, but it isn't very advisable if you're unsure.

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