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I can sure understand what you are saying. I also admire you for wanting to do something about this problem and not cheating on him. You DO sound very mature. When I was in my mid-twenties I found guys in their early 30s more immature than some guys in their mid to late 20s. Doesn't matter what your birthday is, you can still be immature at any age. I ended up meeting and marrying a sweet, mature guy who was almost 4 years younger than me. No one likes an obnoxious drunk on their hands, and one day it could turn physical, either with you or friends. I was surprised to learn when reading an article by a doctor that some people can be allergic to alcohol. In some cases some people are hooked on it. You are going to have to pick a time when he's sober and then lay the law down! Tell him how obnoxious he gets when he drinks. You can bet the first thing out of his mouth is, "I can control it. I can take it or leave it ." This is when you tell him to "leave it!" Of course, the truth of the matter is, for many of us, that we enjoy that "buzz" from alcohol when we're out, but some people just don't seem to know when enough is enough. Let him know you'll leave him if he doesn't smarten up. If you don't you'll only become an "enabler." See if he can back off from the booze and act more civil, or, if he doesn't leave! You don't want to hang around with someone with an alcohol problem. Some terrible things have been done by people who have said, "I didn't know what I was doing I was drunk!" I don't buy that for a second and the only way you can get this bad is if you take booze and pop social drugs at the same time. You can also join "Al-anon" which is a group for people who live with alcoholics. Although your boyfriend may not be a true alcoholic yet he's heading there on a fast track. It teaches you tools to use when dealing with a person with a drinking problem. In each of us, if we aren't willing to help ourselves with a certain problem, then we shouldn't expect our family, friends and mates to hang around while we decide what is best. When I was younger up until my early 40s I partied too, drank, and sometimes had too much, but I can never say I didn't know what was going on to some degree. Good luck Marcy

Answer also: Recipognize that you cannot change a person or their behavior. This exerpt was taken from an article on Jehovah's Witnesses official website. I hope it helps: While certain people may be physically prone to alcohol addiction, emotional factors also appear to be involved. In fact, many alcoholics often harbor negative feelings about themselves. (Proverbs 14:13) Some of them, in fact, grew up in families where their own parents were alcoholics. For such people, drinking may numb the pain of childhood emotional scars. The same factors might be involved when a person is addicted to drugs.

Of course, drinking or taking drugs only compounds a person's problems; his thinking and emotions now become even more warped. That's why your boyfriend may need considerable help from a trained professional to break free from his addiction.

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Could you get your boyfriend back after he broke up with you because you talked bad to his little sister whom he is very close too while being drunk?

It is possible you could get your boyfriend back if you apologize to his sister and next, apologize to your boyfriend and do not use the excuse it was from being drunk as that is no excuse for bad behavior. It is obvious you are obnoxious when drinking and can't control some situations and should at least monitor what you are drinking or don't drink at all.

Does your boyfriend have a drinking problem if he drinks beer all day when he doesn't have to work and at night after work but can easily hold his job?

Yes. It does not matter if he can or cannot hold a job, it is the fact that he constantly drinks.

Why does your boyfriend get offended everytime you ask him about drinking?

He thinks that you may think that he has a drinking problem.

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then stop drinking snd u would not have any problems

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What am i supposed to think when my boyfriend has other women at the house when I'm at work drinking and getting high?

why are you drinking and getting high in the first place? you should get help!

Why is heavy drinking associated with malnutrition?

Heavy drinking is associated with malnutrition because when you are drinking heavily, your body binges on the alcohol. After a little while, you don't eat, you constantly drink and your body lacks the nutrients that it needs everyday to function properly.

Why did i kiss my ex boyfriend when i was drunk when i have a wonderful boyfriend?

You answered your own question - because you were drunk and made a bad judgment call but you cannot blame it on drinking alone.

If you kiss your boyfriend while he is drinking can that give a positive result?

No. You wouldn't get enough alcohol in your system to be positive.

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How does alcohol effect liver?

Abusive alcohol drinking constantly over a period of many years or decades can cause liver problems.

If your boyfriend is 18 and your 15 can he go to jail?

It depends on the type of relationship you have with him. If it's drinking and stuff like that, probably...

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What does it mean when your boyfriend avoids you when he is drinking?

It could mean that he's what's known as a "mean drunk," and he doesn't want to hurt or scare you. It does mean that he's more interested in drinking than he is in you. That's known as a "drinking problem."

What should you do if your boyfriend only gets abusive when he has been drinking?

Stay away from him everytime he's drunk, or that you see he'll start drinking. Don't wait till he starts, get away before he does. I'm not kidding, I know this from personal experience. My boyfriend eventually realized I am more important than booze! He either needs to stop drinking or get help with his abuse issues. If he doesn't, you need to get away from him. It will only get worse and you can be seriously hurt. == Dump him. Trust me!

How do you stop boyfriend putting pub before family?

threatin to break up with him if he doesnt start improving his habbits of drinking instead of family

Could drinking other beverages after drinking alcohol speed up the removal of alcohol in the body?

Drink lots of water, sweat it out by going to the sauna and / or excercising while wearing a sweat suit, constantly drink fluids like water and sports drinks.

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