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You should take a hammer, put you iPod on a very breakable surface, and then throw your hammer down on the Ipod with sutch force that you are blown into the next year

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โˆ™ 2011-03-27 19:45:25
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Q: What should you do if your Ipod shuts down when you have a full battery?
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What should be done if the computer shuts down when unplugged from charging?

Check that battery is connected.

How do you turn an iPod off?

Hold down play on the pad until it shuts down.

What to do if iPod Nano shuts on and off?

Hold down the select buttom

How many chances do you get to unlock your iPod before it completely shuts down?

3 or 4

What do you do when your iPod shuts down?

Usually it would depend on the type of ipod. I have an ipod Touch, and when mine shuts down it's only one of two reasons: A) I manually shut it off, or B) It needs to be hooked up to it's charger and charged. Anything aside from that, and I call Apple.

2002 jeep liberty shuts down with no warning?

Happened to us once, it was the battery. Just needed a new battery.

What do you do when your iPod Nano shuts down?

My IPod Nano would quit after a minute playing. My remedy is to make sure your headphone jack is completely plugged in.

What should i do when the ipod touch shut down by itself?

You should turn it back on to see what happens. This may be due to the lack of battery power and has shut down to reserve what little power is left on the battery to preserve its memory.

What to do when your iPod touch freezes?

Hold the power button down,Then....!STILL! keep your finger on the power button.then hold down the home button below the touch screen) and it shuts down the ipod touch.if this that did not work plug your ipod touch into your PC!

Can you ruin a car battery by over charging?

Most definitely you can ruin it. Always charge an auto battery with an automatic charger that shuts down when the battery if fully charged.

What happens when your ipod touch says connect to itunes?

after a couple weeks/days the ipod finally shuts down and restores which means basically everything is restarted on that device

What should i do when my laptop shuts down when i am watching youtube?

i dont now

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