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Sometimes this can happen and if he's been good since then I wouldn't worry. However, because you are asking the question it appears you have a gut instinct he's up to his old tricks. I believe in listening to gut instincts. Once a person cheats on another there is a trust issue and the relationship seldom will last the test of time.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend only cheated at the very beginning of your relationship?
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Should you forgive and stay in a relationship with someone after they have cheated on you?

No, he/she is not a good boyfriend/girlfriend. Leave him/her and wait for him/her to come crawling back!

Should i emigrate with boyfriend who cheated?

yes. Why...?

Should a man forgive his boyfriend of 4 years if he cheated on him with a straight friend?

That is more of a personal decision you need to make based on your relationship and if you can recover the trust that was broken when he cheated.

You cheated on your boyfriend should you tell him or what?

yes you should tell him. there is no getting around that. the guilt will eat you up inside. and if you cheated most likely it's because something wasn't right in the relationship. your boyfriend deserves to know so that you two can go separate ways. it's not healthy to be in a relationship where you feel the need to cheat and your boyfriend goes on without knowing, you two would be having a relationship based on lies.

Is it right for your boyfriend to cheat on if you have cheated on him?

We both know cheating is wrong. If you cheated you probably aren't right for each other and clearly should break up. If your relationship doesn't have honesty and respect what does it have!?!

My boyfriend has a passion mark on his neck from another woman what should i do?

hickey ? well if so dump him . if he has a relationship out of a relationship he cheated . it takes two people to do most of the sexual things

What do you do after cheating on boyfriend?

Answer You should be asking yourself is my present boyfriend the one for me? The reason you should ask this question is because if you truly loved him and respected him, you wouldn't have cheated on him. Maybe it's time for you to end your present relationship and move on in life as you can't be that happy or you wouldn't have cheated in the first place.

Should i date my ex-boyfriend afetr he cheated on me with my best friend?


How do you know if your boyfriend still love you after he cheated n you forgive him?

You should have known that he didn't love you when you found out that he cheated on you.

Should I snog my boyfriend?

You should snog your boyfriend if you are a little deep in your relationship.

Should you finish your boyfriend if they sort of cheated on you?

yes , but if i love him i will change his mind

What should you do if your attracted to a guy who already has a girlfriend but you cheated on your boyfriend with him?

Uhm well, dump the one you dont like and keep going on with the other relationship as if the other never happen(:

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