What should you do if your dog is pregnant?

The expectant female dog requires increased amounts of food for her developing litter. It may be a good time to gradually transition her into a new diet of a "PREMIUM PUPPY FOOD" for growth as this is necessary during the nursing period.

Do not Vaccinate your pregnant dog.

Regular WALKING exercise helps the expectant mother keep up her strength, but no intensive exercise such as intensive training, showing or even obedience school for her. This would be too stressful on her. The female dog is pregnant for an average of 63 days.

If complications arise during delivery, or through her pregnancy contact your veterinarian.

According to my vet, you can also give the mother dog raw chicken or beef liver and cottage cheese periodically, as a dietary supplement: It aids in digestion and helps her keep from becoming anaemic. You may also want to block off her access to certain areas for the house that you yourself would find difficult to gain access to on a regular basis because, as her time for delivery nears she will begin to look for a nesting sight. Some place she feels is safe and secure... Often these spots are in areas that only she is able to gain access to... You want her to choose a spot that you can monitor easily and gain access to quickly should a problem occur but that she will feel safe with.. an area that is not to exposed, that is quiet ,warm, and dry.... Try providing her with what they call a nesting box. {Introduce it to her gradually over the course of her pregnancy so that she becomes comfortable with it and knows that it is an "OK" spot}.... A nesting box is an area in the house that has been specifically set up for her to use as a nursery.... It can be a room, an Actual Box {without a roof or only half a roof} *if you construct one with half a roof this allows you to be able to see inside yet gives mummy the sense of comfort that she and her pups are hidden this also applies when using a Travel crate* constructed out of 2x4 wooden beams, a Travel Crate, or a regular wire crate that has been lined with Clean newspaper, old towels, sheets etc. * If you are going to use a crate of either kind or construct a box please make sure that it is big enough to accommodate for the size of your dog and several growing puppies.... Also please try to make sure that the temp. of the area is kept at approx. 86 degrees Fahrenheit for at least the first two weeks after birth... puppies have a hard time maintaining their body temp. at this age and if mummy is not around to keep them warm it is possible for them to go into shock if they become to cold. You can do this by placing an electric heater or heat lamp near the area... Taking care to not place it to close you don't want the puppies or mummy to be accidentally burned but you do want to be able to feel the heat.. Approximately 2 to 3 feet away for an electric heater and 6 to 12 inches above the nesting box for a lamp *smaller lamps get placed closer to 6inches away, where as, larger lamps get place closer to 12 inches away* should be OK. Another thing that you should know is that you should NEVER reach into or Enter the nesting area without properly securing and/or warning the Mother Dog first.... Even the most well trained and/or behaved dog has the potential to become "aggressive" if she feels that herself or her pups are being threatened..