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Tell your friend that you dont want to see the friend of a friend as you would like to spend some time with your ex, i am sure he will understand.

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Q: What should you do if your ex wants to come over and your friend wants to be bring one of his friends over but your ex doesn't know about it and you want to see your ex but not the friend's friend?
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What do you do when you are sharing a room with two of your friends on vacation but they do not like a friend that you promised to bring with you?

== == Explain to your friends that you feel caught in the middle and that you would like them to just try to get along for the trip. If they refuse, you may just need to get a second room to stay in with your friend. If they really want to hang out, they should let your friend come along and try to be cool with it. It wouldn't be right to cancel out on your friend just because the others don't like her.

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Don't ever let someones ignorant behaviour and words bring you down. Ignore them and what they say - don't let it bother you and once they realize that your not letting them get to you they will get bored and let you be. Besides real friends wouldn't be treating another friend in such a manner - maybe you need to rethink the people you believe may be your friends.

What should I do if I am attracted to my friend of the same sex?

That may well depend on the type of things that you and our friend are able to discuss. If this sort of thing can be discussed by you the first step is to find out your friends attitude towards that sort of feelings. If you can find that out then it becomes a matter for your judgment to bring it up or not.

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