What should you do if your friends and family aren't there for you anymore and you're still in love with your ex-boyfriend?

Yeah, if everything was that easy. Well what happend, we were together for 8 months, I know its no thtat long, but I had the greastest times of my life with him. My parents was the hole deal of break us up. First they would break us up, then let us date, it felt like a cycle for them. Now they even went to the extremes to get a restaining order on him. I have never been so down in my life let me tell you. I tired talking them out of it but then they just flip and say they don't want me to be their daughter anymore, my friends are sick of me because, I guess, I cause to much drama, and I mess up alot. But I don't get it, why do I have to be punished for being in love with him? And this I mean let's just say this is the first love, I have never felt so alive in my life, until I met him. Now I just feel like giving up. Love, is truly a battle feild.


It sounds like you are obviously living on your own. This means you are independent and need to try to make some decisions for yourself. Sometimes (like the rest of us) you'll be right and sometimes wrong. You must first ask yourself why you and your boyfriend split and if it was your idea or a mutual agreement then there is no reason you can't find out if he has a new girlfriend or not and if he doesn't then try to get in contact with him. Hopefully this is the case and if so then take it slow and easy in your relationship.
Good luck!