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It depends if it's a cultural custom. If it is, then it's almost pointless to fight it. It appears your ex girlfriend isn't ready to stand her ground, or perhaps she isn't Westernized like you are, because it's obvious she needs to comply with her parent's wishes. You won't win either way, because if you talk her into going against her parents and she argues with her parents over whom she should marry, then you have basically made enemies out of her parents and the road will be tough for you. The parents could even get nasty about it and have you arrested if you continue to see their daughter. The bottom line is, if your ex girlfriend loved you, then nothing should stand in yher way. If she isn't a minor then there is absolutely no reason the both of you couldn't find a way where she doesn't have to get married according to her parent's wishes. It appears she doesn't want to try. The only thing I can suggest is you see the parents directly. Hopefully you are working and can provide for their daughter (although you don't have to be wealthy) and sit down and talk to them pleasantly. See if you can come to some common ground. If the parents won't budge, and your ex girlfriend refuses to fight for you, it's best to move on. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend broke up with you because her parents have an arranged marriage set for her?
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How do couples meet in Buddhism?

By arranged marriage or just who you pick I guess. Because my parents are Buddhism and they were arranged by my grandparents.

What is successfull in an arranged marriage?

yes, arranged marriage is successfull bcoz in arranged marriage we get bless from our parents, if any problem create in our marred life then our parents help to solve this problem and save this relationship.

What is the term for a marriage where parents decide whom their children marry?

Arranged Marriage

Why are marriages often arranged by parents for their children in India?

Because marriage is viewed as a union of two families.

What does a woman do in an arranged marriage?

In an arranged marriage as is prevalent in India woman approves or sometimes disapproves the boy selected by the parents as a groom for her.

What do you call a girl whose marriage is fixed?

If you mean a marriage where parents decide their partners for their children, it's called an arranged marriage.

Do the parents know the best in marriage like an arrange marriage?

The parents don't know the best yet arranged marriages were the norm in Asia (India).

Advantages of arranged marriage?

Arranged marriages are good as they happen with the knowledge of the parents. Because the parents would do the best for their children as they have more experiences, they will want to find the right person. Both sets of parents will be happy with the couple. As the marriage progresses, there is support from both families as they have agreed to the marriage. They will be more willing to help if there are difficulties, which doesn't happen if a family were never in favour of the marriage to begin with. So they will give support and this can be called on if needed by the couple.

What plans have juliet's parents made for her?

They have arranged a nice marriage with a relative of the Prince.

What is a love marriage?

A love marriage would be a marriage that two people have because they love each other. This is in comparison to an arranged marriage, which two people have at the instruction of their parents, or a marriage of convenience, which two people have because there is some purpose served by their marriage other than love, such as the union of two powerful or wealthy families.

Why does arranged marriage seem to work in some cultures?

In countries where arranged marriages still occur, they are usually still prevalent BECAUSE they work. A failed marriage is frowned upon in such societies, to the extent where in some cases a woman can be injured, disfigured or even killed for trying to escape the marriage or committing adultery. In some cases, though, love, or something that looks like it, can develop between the two, and in time they may not have an issue with the fact that their parents arranged the marriage.

What was marriage like in the 1700s?

Marriage in the 1700's was more of an arranged marriage where women's parents were to find a rich man for her to marry, for the success of their life, better living, and status.

What is arrangred marriage?

arranged marriage is when your parents arrange your wife/husband. And sometimes they may even have a dowry this is when the brides father pays the husband to be the husband .

Why did Romeo and Juliet's parents oppose their marriage?

The parents opposed Romeo and Juliets marriage because they are rivals

Why did Andromeda marry peseus?

Andromeda did not have a choice in marrying Perseus as he arranged her marriage to him with her parents as she was being approached by the monster she was to be scarified to.

My girlfriend want to marry me but i can't marry her because parents are not supportive?

will you marry her parents or just your girlfriend you ll have to decide

Do parents choose your partner in Spain?

It's certainly possible to have an arranged marriage in Spain, but the overwhelming majority of Spaniards choose their own spouses and are not assigned one by their parents.

Arranged marriages in India?

Some people believe in love at first sight, while others believe it takes time to love someone. In the past many parts of the world, a couple met for the very first time on their wedding day. Their marriage had been arranged by their parents. Today arranged marriages still exist in many cultures however some couples are given permission to meet before their wedding day. An arranged marriage is not necessarily and unhappy marriage. Arranged marriages that meet with the consent of the couple to marry should be allowed to continue because they result in fewer divorces. however if a women is married but her husband died she can't get married again because she is considered used and damaged.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages?

A definition of arranged marriages is, when two people are married because their parents decided that they would. However, the people the marriage is being arranged for do get a say, they get introduced to each other weeks before, it's not a blind wedding, you get to know them before hand, and also, if one of them strongly didn't like the other person, they are not forced to get married. This is where many people are mistaken: ARRANGED MARRIAGE IS NOT THE SAME AS A FORCED MARRIAGE. I think that there are mixed feelings about whether you would love someone that was chosen for you more than if you chose them yourself. The disadvantages of arranged marriages are: you don't really know your husband/wife; you probably will take a while to get relaxed around them, but it is believed that love comes after marriage. This is because the parents choose the husband/wife on horoscopes, their background, how they were raised, etc. and they pick people who are very similar, have very similar backgrounds and who are likely to get on well. love, hope :)

Who are r kelly's parents?

Because i want her to be my girlfriend

What are the customs for arranged marriages?

Customs of arranged marriages depends on religion you follow and region you are from the common fact thats maintained is the girl typically leaves her parents house and has to live with grooms family after marriage

What is the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage?

Answerin arranaged marriage parents wants to choose someone for their son/daughter to married and they may not love or have any feelings for that person but in love marriage the parents son/daughter they will love n care for the person they choose for themselves an will want to cherish that person for life.

Why is ronan parke 12 and he has a girlfriend?

he has a girlfriend because he wants to and his parents said that he can date at 12.

Is marriage an individual choice?

Marriage is an individual choice in many countries like the United States. In some countries like Egypt, India, and many Arabic nations, marriage is arranged by parents or family rather than by an individual's choice.

Why did parents in renaissance Italy carefully arranged marriages?

Mostly, parents in Renaissance Italy wanted to strengthen business or family ties through marriage.