Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are marriages agreed upon by outside parties. There is usually no courtship period.

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Arranged Marriages

Do the Amish have arranged marriages?

No. In fact parents play a very small role in their childs choice of a marriage partner.

When an Old Order Amish adolescent reaches the age of 16 they enter a period called rumspringa where they will typically enter a "peer group." Groups are not formed by adults but are often defined simply by their level of deviation from the norm. In my area (the 3rd largest Amish settlement in America) they have even named the groups. One is very wild, experiments with liquior and drugs and drive cars. Another group drives cars and dresses in modern clothes. Another group does not drive cars and maintains more traditional dress. The latter group participates in what are called home singings.

From their peer group the Amish teen will often select a spouse. The boy and girl make the decision together and then inform the parents of their decision. It is kept a secret, although many others have discovered it by this point, until it is publicly "published" about 8 weeks before the wedding.

While parents may instill in their children certain values or hold certain families in high esteem, both of which may influence their selection of a peer group or spouse, the parents themselves have little if any role in the the selection of a childs spouse.

Arranged Marriages

How is a love-based marriage better than an arranged marriage?

Well, unfortunately in these times, 50% of marriages end in divorce, regardless of how the people got married. I think it's better to have a love-based marriage because the people get to choose to get married.

In Love Marriage you both have time to know each other before marriage.

Arranged Marriages

Do arranged marriages still happen?

In certain countries, yes.

In most of Asain contries arrange marriage very popular.

Arranged Marriages

What are Maha Nakshatras Why are they considered special when horoscope matching is considered for Marriage?

swathy,anuradha,magaha,mrigashira are mahanakstras you need not see ganakootas if any body wants to marry them

Arranged Marriages

You want to marry anath asram girl how?


i want to marry anath asram girl

Arranged Marriages

What can you do if you are forced into an arranged marriage at age 16 and you don't like your bride?

Well, I know you really don't want to hear this, but give her a chance. There have been countless stories and movies of people who hate their soon to be spouses, but as soon as they get to know the other, they are madly in love. But being married at 16 is very wrong if you don't want to be married. If you live in the US you have the right to make your own decisions.

Otherwise you can be immature like I would be and...

Run out screaming with a bag of things you need to survive.

Tell your parents they are stupid and go on a rant until they kick you out.

Tell the bride you hate her, that way she'll hate you too, and then you'll hate eachother together.

Good luck honey!

Yes, this is not right age to get marriage. This is against the marriage act ruls and also try to suggest the bride to wait for some time..

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Arranged Marriages

What are the advantages of a love marriage over an arranged marriage?

Marriage brings love. Marriage bring helpers. Marriage brings peace.

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Arranged Marriages

Is romantic love a good basis for marriage?

It is much better that erotic love or sensual love. Normally romantic love move away fro that need for sex. Sex is still part but you are concerned about the person.

Arranged Marriages

Do indians have arranged marriages?

In India the percentage of arranged marriages is higher then love marriages. Could be sixty percent.

Arranged Marriages

Are arranged marriages illegal in the US?



As i know that no any whare illiagl the love marriage and arrange marriage.. Now every country give the permission both love marriage and arrange marriage.

Arranged Marriages

Why are some marriages arranged?

Usually tradition. In some countries and in some religions, the parents arrange a marriage for their children because parents are percieved as being wiser and better able to make a good match. Also, in some social classes it is common for parents to at least limit the choices so that their child doesn't marry "down" into a "lower" class (usually someone not as rich). It was actually a really, really common practice in the past, and the practice of marrying for love was looked upon as frivolous and selfish. Marriages were usually made for the benefit of the family, and often women were seen as belongings... passed from the ownership of the father to the ownership of the husband. Interestingly, arranged marriages last a lot longer on average than marriages made for love. There could be something positive there. :)

Arranged Marriages

How do you write leave application for sister's marriage?

DOnt write anthing. just let her handle it you silly goose......

Arranged Marriages

What are the pros and cons of arranged marriage?

what was not normally a consideration in cultures that traditionally practiced arranged marriage

Arranged Marriages

Which marriage is better - a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Love versus Arranged Marriage?

Without question arranged marriages last longer. When the elders of two families match bride and groom, the couple is usually of the same religion, culture and social standing. Often they have even known each other growing up. Alikeness is the criterion that makes them last.

Love marriages are the invention of our culture. The phenomena of "falling in love" is no more than a Hollywood invention. For, once the glow of the visceral excitement ebbs and the real world returns, partners in "love marriages" struggle to get along with each other. For "alikeness" is the criterion that holds a marriage together. Read more about "alikeness" and the "Tit for Tat" solutions in Meyer's " Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters" and Gottman's "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work."


Love feels good and creates happiness. Arranged is based on money, and if U think that compatible sex is going to happen in such a case U R dreaming. Arranged marriage is so that males can dominate females and abuse them, period.

In arranged marriage the boy will get married to the girl even if he does not like her

Love never will grow between the boy and girl. So do not go for arranged marriage

In love marriage the smart boys who know how to get girls in bed will use their tricks on the girl.

Girls are emotional

The rule is simple make a girl feel good and she will sleep with you, she will run away from her house for you, she will change her religion for you. You have only one thing to do just make her feel good. Never tell her she is wrong. Never talk logic to a girl.

Make them laugh always without fail

You will 100% get the girl you want

love marriage.

Love marriage of course!

Love marriage or arranged marriage- my answer refers to Sri Lankan Culture:

If the question was posed to an adult in late 50's he would probably say that arranged marriage is the best. The reason may be the fact that they didn't have any other option than that or simply, they would have heard about a love marriage. but over the time, the ideologies of the generations have changed so much that most of the youth believe in love marriage. this drastic change of ideas may be the consequence of the economic, social and cultural facts. however, the issue is worth analyzing as marriage is the basic social institution which facilitates the continuation of a race, a nation or even a humanity and some times, the marriage can solve cultural and social problems too.

the institution of marriage has different perspectives in various societies. in the context of the Sri Lankan society,Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one. It makes him/her a grown up and gives him/her responsibilities whether those responsibilities are to feed and clothe the wife or to assist the husband. Marriage is supposed to take a person out of the hectic lifestyle that one is in and place him or her in an organized environment giving them a path to follow in life and a shoulder to lean on. In short marriage arranges one's life. Good marriages create happy individuals and families, stronger communities, and a more stable society. thus, marriage is important. but how it happens play a major role in deciding the outcomes. in Sri Lanka, there are two types of marriages:namely, arranged marriages and the love marriages.

it was the caste system which gave birth to arranged marriages. the upper caste families in the old age did not want their children to marry outside their respective community and the concept of love marriage was considered taboo. but with the passage of time, the concept of love marriage came into existence in Sri Lanka as a result of the cultural invasion of the westerners. the change was seen only among the westernized high society and not to mention, those love marriages too united the families of the same genre as the youth had only little opportunity to mingle with others who are outside their community. it was almost similar to an arranged marriage where a match maker or a an adult in the family propose one party to the other. bit now, the couples who enter into wedlock use their freedom to greater extent. in some families, the husband and the wife are of different religions and even of different nationalities. thus, the scope for love marriage has grown in a tremendous rate.

many young people of globalized world affirm that when known personalities meet, the probability for clashes is low. love marriage is an institution which promotes sympathy,love and understanding whereas arranged marriage is simply an example to prove how people get accustomed to the inevitable. Christopher West states in "A basic Theology of marriage" that "on rare occasions one does hear of a miraculous case of a married couple falling in love after marriage. but on close examination, it is will be found that it is merely adjustment to the inevitable" the fact emphasize that the couple is away from a happy family life. on the other hand, in a love relationship, the couple go through a "Getting to know you" phase where they identify their boundaries and discuss the other's overall personality. it results in the lower number of problems between the couple in the later stages of life and definitely is a dominant factor in shaping the personalities of children

most of the children of love marriages seem to have positive attitudes about life and the opposite sex. when the parents are open, love and have confidence on each other the positive image into which the children are exposed into set a good example for them. they learn to love respect and understand the value of harmony which is one of the basic needs of the present Sri Lankan society. In analyzing the issue in the point of view of human biology, scientists always say that children of parents who have different genealogical backgrounds are more productive and intelligent than the of the parents within the same genealogical background. with the popularization of love marriage, Buddhist Christian and similar marriages have become a common notion. with regard to the children of such families, broader views about society and talents of high skills are visible than the stereotype children who boast about being a Buddhist or a Christian. as members of a globalized society where diversity is considered a forte, i think we should concentrate on forming children to cater the future demands and love marriage is a good way to start the procedure. when parents are more like friends than husband and wife, the children too learn how to respect each other and foster a loving relationship at the same time. at this point, one might argue that even the couples who enter into the wedlock through arranged marriage too develop a loving relationship with the passage of time. but most of the times, it is visible that most of the old couples who got married in an arranged marriage still have a respect for the partner which sometimes can make them break apart from each other. for instance, our grand mothers never put their needs out to the husband, they would never indicate the husband that they need new clothes etc. not only that, but also, the husband would not even attend a sick wife merely to the fact that they believe that wife is his property of she is somebody who should work for him. even today, such values are adhered by some families and both the parties might suffer if it was an arranged marriage whereas in a love marriage, the lovers has the possibility to break the relationship when they realize that they; are not compatible with each other. thus, there are dangers of falling in love after the marriage as well as choosing the lover.

on the other hand, now a days, the arranged marriage has become a business alliance between two families. Dowry, family status and the caste still play a major role in selecting a marriage partner through arranged marriage. it is thus a business partnership whereby the business is creating a strong family unit. if the dowry doesn't fulfill the expectations of the bride grooms party, the girl may experience a hard time at the home of the bride. this problem can be solved to some extent by living away from the family residence. but the problem gets worsened when the bride groom too consider that marriage is a business. there fore, the individual values matter a lot in choosing the marriage that best suits a person. the dowry problem might not be such a trivial matter for the couples who enter into wedlock by a love marriage., but then, they would have to find way to cope with financial difficulties as in sri lanka, dowry is still considered as the immediate asset that a couple get soon after their marriage. most people invest the dory in a newly built house or a nwe business.

however, i think that other than the economic factors, a marriage offers a great change to an individual's life and its always preferable to have a say in planing your own life. but If it goes wrong you have only yourself to blame in choosing the wrong partner. that can be a problem in the context of a Sri lankan society in which family influences even after marriage to a child's life. if the love marriage was planned without the consent of the parents and the family, they would neglect the new marriage and both the partners would lose the ties with their respective families. in that sense, even a love marriage becomes an arranged marriage as even for a successful love marriage parental consent is a must. but in my idea, it is always better to love and get the parents' permission than marrying the person that the parents and relatives choose. however, choosing the right person is a crucial decision in the process of a love marriage. at that point, the individual should have a good understanding about himself as well as the other sex to make a good selection. sometimes, this might lead to unwanted problems as an individual who is new to the society might get deceived due to money, beauty or even for superficial values. this sort of deceptions are less probable in an arranged marriage as the adults seek for almost all the details of the prospective bridegroom or bride before accepting him/her as a member of their respective family. all these tests analyzations might be the cause for an unrest for a youth on the verge of marriage but i think such compatibility testings too are important irrespective of the way it is done.

thus, both the love marriages as well as the proposed or arranged marriages have pros and cons. choosing the marriage that suits the particular person depends on the society in which he or she live in and the cultural norms in which the particular individual believes in. i my idea., love marriage suits the the present sri lanka which yearn for a prosperous future and a peaceful society
Arranged Marriages

What are the disadvantages of arranged marriage?



No choice

No love

No privacy

But, now arrange marriage all option Choic, Love, privacy and believe on each other.

Arranged Marriages

What are arranged marriages?

It is when parents pick your husband or wife.

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Arranged Marriages

What is meaning of Marathi name Swati?

Swati is the name of a/an star/asterism. It is a star during the ruling of which a rain could form pearls in oysters.

Arranged Marriages

Is love marriage is successful marriage or arranged marriage?

There are some grammatical errors in your presentation. First of all an arranged Marriage can take different forms and contexts in differing cultures. It is not necessarily a forced-draft terms as-is or else sort of event- it can be if there is an unauthorized sexual union and the (bomb) is armed- this is popularily called a shot-gun wedding. Different strokes for different folks is an old slogan as is the Chan postulate of The motto of the wise is- Beware of Surprises. An arranged marriage might proffer the same elements of surprise- not necessarily the Pearl Harbor variety, as say, a blind date. There is, of course an element of forethought, but the actual circumstances vary in different cultures. any sort of mass-production or ( Assembly-line) wedding should be forestalled or at the very least toned down. Love is not a car factory.

Arranged Marriages

Why do some people disagree with arranged marriages?

People believe you should be able to marry who you love, not some random person so you can benefit your family or some other similar reason. Marriage is meant for love, and many arranged marriages are generally unhappy because they don't love one another.

Arranged Marriages

Do you ever get over first loves?

time lots of time

Arranged Marriages

How do you find whether yours will be a love marriage or arranged marriage from palm reading?

Answer: You don't. That is a family or personal choice, not an astrological one. i agree with the first post and most of those palm readers are fakers and they'll tell you what you want to hear

Arranged Marriages

What are the advantages of arranged marriage?

There are several pros about arranged marriage: - Reduces risk of teenage pregnancy - Full family support, family does not disagree with spouse, does not get along with in laws. - Self esteem- Instead of spending hours putting on make-up, they do not need to as they know who they are going to marry There are several pros about arranged marriage: - Reduces risk of teenage pregnancy - Full family support, family does not disagree with spouse, does not get along with in laws. - Self esteem- Instead of spending hours putting on make-up, they do not need to as they know who they are going to marry

Arranged Marriages

What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is a union of two people planned by someone other than the two people who are united in it.

Arranged Marriages

Do you believe in love marriage or arranged marriage?

Answer 1

I believe in a love marriage because you can get to know that person before you say I DO.

There is beautiful discussion here: marriageextra. com/love-marriage-vs-arranged-marriage

Answer 2

Rightly said, its all Mind Game. There are both pros and cons of this, but debate is never ending. Eg: You go with your emotions in love Marriage while in Arranged Marriage you look for security and stability. But yes we should believe in Love and Marriages, Love either is before or after Marriage

Answer 3

In both cases, you should obviously give time to get to know one another and not jump into marriage just like you should have control of your emotions and think with the mind, cause what you think is love might not necessarily be that to the other. Some people have tried love and have gotten hurt before. Others never seem to find love in their lives so settle for arrange marriages. Some times if you trust your parents they just might have a better idea then yourself, but that doesn't always work out either. It is a luck of the dice really. One should be open to either cause a person never knows who they might meet in the most unexpected of situations.

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