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If you are in a new relationship, don't stress about things like exes. This will definitely start a downward spiral. Instead, trust that she is just as in to you as you are her. If you are that concerned, express your feelings without being "overbearing."

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Why do smart people never get a girlfriend?

bec. they afraid to have a girlfriend

If a boy said that your his girlfriend and then was just kidding around does that mean he likes you?

it means he wants you to be his girlfriend but his too afraid of how to tell yoou or he might be afraid that you might not feel the same way.

Why would your ex not want his girlfriend to be your friend?

Because he is afraid you will tell his current girlfriend some unflattering things about him.

What does it mean when a boy has his brothers get to know you for him when he has a girlfriend?

That means he probably likes you, and is afraid that his girlfriend will see him with you and get all sassy.

Are narcissists afraid of being rejected when phoning an ex-girlfriend?

Yes. Any narcissist is afraid of having their ego bruised. If it isn't bad enough having an ex-girlfriend, being rejected again would hurt quite badly.

What is the name of Nathan Sykes's girlfriend?

Nathan hasn't got a girlfriend and he doesn't want to because he's afraid the band will "lose fans" if he gets a girlfriend.

What do you do if you want someone to be your girlfriend?

U shouldnt be afraid and tell her that you like her and ask her out or ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend but get to now her first

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

Your girlfriend is too afraid to hug help?

=OK shes most likely feels that==she can't trust u or u and her are not that close==together or she doesn't want u to think her==*cough coughs* are big=

Why did your girlfriend break up with you by phone?

Most girls do because they are afraid to say it to your face.

Are fish afraid of snakes?

yes, do not put them together

Does he love me-we've being together for 20yrs no marriage?

Ask him! If you are afraid to ask then you might be afraid of love...

Why won't he tell me he has a girlfriend?

he probally doesn't like hun. he is a afraid Jerk........ most men are

Does Daniel Anthony have a girlfriend?

im afraid he does but i do not know the name. if you love him, be very ashamed of yourself!

Who was Naruto's girlfriend?

Unfortunately for naruto he never had one because everyone was afraid of him and the kyubii inside him.

How do you a girlfriend on build a bearville?

Sorry, I'm afraid that getting a girlfriend/boyfriend on Build-A-Bearville is against the rules. Try going on another site instead.

Why is a man afraid to have his ex-wife and girlfriend meet?

He is afraid of that because he thinks that they might fight. They might have some arguments between them. To prevent that he does not let them meet.

Your girlfriend who you love doesnt like you seeing your best friend who is a girl?

Unfortunately this happens often. It is usually caused by jealousy! tell your girlfriend that you love her but that she cannot control every aspect of your life. Your girlfriend is afraid that you will dump her for your best friend or that maybe you are cheating on her reassure her that you are just friends and maybe even get them shopping together of they find things in common your girlfriend might to be as jealous and not care if you to keep hanging out! Good luck!

Had a dream your girlfriend was pregnant?

We dream about what we are afraid of. Your dreams aren't predicting the future. They are preparing you just in case.

Why do dads do more for their girlfriends then they do for their children?

Because they already got a divorce once and they are afraid of losing their girlfriend

Did taeyang ever have a girlfriend?

LOL, I'm afraid not, because Taeyang once says to the Kpop TV that he is afraid of girls so I thinkk he never have a girlfriend . All of the other members of BIGBANG may have some girlfriends but only Taeyang is the only one who never have a GF .

What does it mean when your girlfriend just suddenly dies in all your dreams?

If your girlfriend is dying in your dreams, it is probably because you are afraid of losing her for some reason. Or, it may be time for you to break up.

Is Joe Jonas afraid of having a girlfriend?

Joe Jonas has a girlfriend! It's this T person who no one "SEEMS" to know about. I heard Joe and this "T" person are dating secretly.

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