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This sort of thing usually occurs because you are licensed at the home address of another insured driver.

If you are licensed at the same address with another driver then his insurance company requires that he addresses you and all other drivers licensed at that address as either a covered person or excluded by name. Either way your name will appear on that persons policy. There is nothing illegal about it.

If you have moved, you are required by law to update your address on your license within 30 days. Otherwise your name could appear on the policy of another person because the insurance company assumes you are still a licensed drivers at that address. Nothing illegal here either. You just need to update your drivers license with your correct address to avoid these situations.

AnswerIt's hard to say exactly without more information, but you have numerous options. You can call the insurance company and explain the situation. Call law enforcement, if their has been misuse of your personal information (it's a crime).
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Q: What should you do if your name has been put on an auto policy without your permission?
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Is it legal for a company to withdraw monthly payment using auto-pay from your personal account without your permission?

In order to have "auto-pay" YOU would have had to authorize it. How, then, could you say that it was "without your permission?"

Can a teenager get a California auto insurance quote without a parents permission?

If they're under 18, then no. Minors can't enter into contracts, so they need the parent to sign the policy.

If you borrow a friend's car with permission are you covered under their auto insurance?

Generally barring any exclusion in the policy.

At what age should my teen get his own auto insurance policy in Rhode Island?

A teen in Rhode Island should get their own auto insurance policy when they get a car in their name.

Will auto insurance cover a vehicle if an underage driver took it without permission and wrecked it?

If you are willing to charge this driver with auto theft it probably will. If not, the insurance company will assume you are giving him permission after the fact.

If your non-household child drives your car with permission is he covered by your auto insurance?

Yes, however the child should be listed on someones policy as a driver. If the child drives your vehicle with any frequency and is not listed on the other parents policy then I would highly recommend adding them to your policy and pay the extra premium.

Is It illegal to take someone off my auto insurance policy without telling them?


Can an 18 yr old child on their parents auto insurance policy give permission to a friend to drive their parents vehicle?


Why is third party auto insurance a bad thing?

These types of policies include first person policy third-party policy .... One thing you can add to auto insurance policy is uninsured driver scope. ... auto license can be stopped without your interposition and that is a bad thing! ...

Full coverage auto insurance protects anyone who drives car?

In most cases, as long as the policy owner give permission, then the policy will cover anyone who drives the car. There are exception for those who are specifically restricted by the policy to drive the vehicle.

Is inexpensive auto insurance not as good?

Inexpensive auto insurance can be as good as expensive auto insurance, it just depends on the policy you are getting. If you are aware of exactly what coverage you are purchasing, there should be no reason why you couldn't by the less expensive policy.

Should a cosigner be named as additional insured on auto insurance policy?


What is an auto policy?

An auto policy is basically a car insurance policy. It spells out what kinds of damage and occurrences are covered.

Can someone use your name to get an auto policy without your knowledge?

They can list you as a driver but they should not be able to. If you feel you have been a victim of identity theft, I would call an authority in that matter.

What liability coverage is extended to you when you use your car for deliveries while working for your employer?

None, If you have a personal Auto Insurance Policy, " No coverage at all" will extend to you nor to any other injured party while you were engaged in a Delivery Service Business. A Personal Auto Insurance Policy is for the Personal use of your vehicle. Should you have an accident while engaged in a commercial enterprise, your personal Auto Policy will not cover the accident. While engaged in a Delivery Service Business with only a Personal Auto Insurance Policy in place, you are basically driving without coverage. Although a Business Auto Use Endorsement to your Personal Auto Policy will extend coverage for certain Business or job related errands such as occasionally picking up offices supplies and trips to meet with customers, Delivery services are always excluded from a personal Auto Policy. You need to obtain Business or commercial auto coverage to be compliant with your state Insurance Regulations.

Can auto insurers change your policy without your consent in writing?

No they can't, unless you are notified for the changes in writing.

Should you renew a policy to have continued coverage for an unsettled auto claim?

yes you should it would be alot easier

What companies are known for offering auto loan leads?

There are dozens of companies claiming to offer auto loan leads online but they should be carefully scrutinised as many are spam lists, or have been obtained without permission. Reputable companies include Slide Share and Leads Bureau.

If a household member with a suspended license drives an auto without permission and gets in an accident can the insurance company refuse to pay?


Can you get insurance on auto that is not in your name?

You can pay for insurance on an auto that is not yours...but the policy must be the titleholder's policy.

If you dont have an automoble Can you put insurance on your drivers license?

No. Auto insurance is just that ... an insurance policy for the automobile, and those who ride in it or drive it. If you have the full permission to drive someone else's car, and they have the proper auto insurance in full effect, then you are covered under their policy. If you are going to be driving their vehicle most of the time, then they need to add your name to the policy.

Components to liability coverage under an auto policy?

Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components:

Is morethan car insurance a reliable insurance company?

According to reviews of this car insurance company, this auto insurance company is not satisfactory in the least. Several customers have made claims regarding its terrible service and have been known to renew your policy without your express permission.

Can I have Auto insurance without a car?

Ask an insurance company for a "broadform" policy. That will cover you for any car you drive. Yes, although it's rather pointless. Why pay for insurance on something that you don't even have or own ... there is no need. If you drive someone else's car, you are covered under their insurance policy, provided you have their permission to drive it.

What is the Wisconsin Statute for auto theft?

The theft statute for the state of Wisconsin includes auto theft. This can also mean use of a rental car without extended permission and is a Class C felony.