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They will likely be by to pick it up soon. They are giving you every oportunity to catch up the payments(they REALLY dont want the car back, they want the money).

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How many months without making a payment will the vehicle be taken?

The finance company has the right to repo a vehicle the day after the payment is due if it is stated in your contract. they usually wait till you are 30-60 days past due.

Is it true you have to be six months behind on a car payment in the state of Nebraska before it can be repossed?

Technically they can repo your car after 30 days. Depending on the finance company

What if the finance company after 8 months never get their vehicle one day the driver gets pulled over by the police will they take the vehicle?

This depends on where you are.If you are in an area where it is illegal to hide the vehicle from the finance company you will get arrested, the vehicle will be impounded and the finance company notified.Added: If you have been concealing the vehicle from the creditor and at the same time not beein making payments, the creditor may well have filed a stolen vehicle report with the police.You have wrongfully deprived the creditor of their property (i.e.: THEY own it - not you). If the vehicle turns up in the police records as stolen they will not only confiscate the vehicle - you could be facing criminal charges as well.

Can a finance company in Texas repossess a vehicle if one payment is missed?

Check your loan documents but they can if you are one day late. Most don't because they really want the money. Three to six months late on payments the REPO man will be looking for ya.

Can a finance company repo your car after 7 months of non payment?

In many states it only has to be 30 days late. 7 mos. is more than time req'd in any.

How many years is the max you can finance a new vehicle?

72 months is about as long as any lender will go. However if you have to finance a car for 72 months then you are buying more car than you can afford. I never finance a car for over 36 months unless I can get 0% financing.

Do you accept long term loans as a form of payment for car purchases?

Whether it's your first time buying a car or you are an experienced buyer, our vehicle finance . What type of vehicle can I purchase with a Chase Auto Loan? How long will it take to get a decision? The Chase check will be made payable to both you and the seller of the vehicle. Maximum term available is 72 months.

What is the total cost that Dave will pay for his vehicle if his payments are 332.25 a month for 48 months?

The total cost of the vehicle is $15948.00Multiply the number of months by the payment per each month.$332.25/month x 48 months = $15948.00

Can you legally hide your vehicle from repossession until you make the needed payments?

First of all a vehicle repossession is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. The repossesors are notified by your finance company after 60 days if you havn't picked up their phone calls to tell them you need an extension and then if you have they only send your info to repo companies after 90 days. So if 3 months is all you need your in the clear if you contact your finance company after that you can hide your vehicle however please check your state laws because for example in Texas it is legal for them to convict you of a felony but that takes about 6 months also in some states repo companies can get a warrant from the police to get your vehicle even if its parked in a closed garage.

Can a finance company repo your car if you are current on payments?

No...if you are completely current...and have nothing owing from previous months..again no.

Can you get financed for a vehicle if you filed bankruptcy then had a repossession eight months after the discharge?

This situation will make it challenging to obtain financing as you will have clearly demonstrated a lack of ability or desire to continue a time finance repayment schedule. There are lenders out there who may be prepared to finance a car for you. They will, undoubtedly, charge extremely high interest rates and will have little or no tolerance for any past due payment.

How do you have your car voluntarily repossessed?

The Correct :Most Finance Companies make this very difficult.1)Take the vehicle to the manufacturers nearest dealer for a service appointment. Leave the car there. Remember the Service Reps First and last name.2)Contact the finance company and let them know what dealership the vehicle is at.3)Notify the finance company that you would like to have your vehicle voluntarily repossessed and to pick it up directly from the dealer. Reference the Service Reps Name and write down the the customer service reps full name.4)You can ignore any further attempts to contact you by the finance company or dealership.5)Most finance companies(in California) will not seek deficiency judgement your credit however will be ruined for 3 years.The finance company has no reason to work with you if you can no longer afford to pay.You simply call the finance company and tell them that you are unable to pay for the car due to unforeseen circumstances and make arrangement for them to either pick the car up or ask where you should take the vehicle. I had voluntarily surrendered a car years ago and the Manufacturer made arrangements to pick up the car at my home.There were fees involved and they actually prorate your loan and you will be charged for a certain amount of the cars value. Even if the car is only 3 months old, it is now considered a used car and the finance company cannot sell it as if it were new....it will have depreciated in value as much as 30%

How many years of not making a payment can a credit card company still collect from you?

as long as they want to, Generally they will sell the account to a collegetion agency after 6 months of non-payment

What auto loan sources that will finance 144 months on a new car?

The best answer for this question is to use your line of credit to buy this vehicle if it is for personal use.

If you are two months behind on a payment can your car be repossed?

First off it is not your car. The car belongs to the lender until you pay for it. Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

What happens if a finance company refuses to repossess your car but you haven't made a payment in over 6 months?

It seems there might not be much market for cars such as yours(junky, clunky, ragged out, motor blown?) so the finance co. decided to let you keep it. It's not worth repoing for what it will bring. BUT, that doesnt effect their ability to SUE you, get a judgment and/or garnish your wages, OR any other legal remedies. So if you really want to impress them, take the car to their parking lot and leave it on,say, Sunday. Big surprise for them on Monday morning. LOLA:After having been through this before, I can tell you that once you default, you have to give the finance company atleast 6 months (from the time it was considered defaulted, not from the time of the missed payment, usually at 60 to 90 days passed due) if at that time you still have the vehicle, you need to send the finance company a certified letter stating where the car is and that they need to retrive it. If they still don't recovery the vehicle with in 30 days, you can then go and apply for an abandonment title. After you get the title you can sell, junk or keep the car. You still owe the debt but obviously the car doesn't hold enough value at auction to try and recoup any of the debt by repossessing and selling it.

I bought a jeep out in finance and then lost my job im on social welfare payments can my finance be brought down a small bit?

Depending on how long you have owned the Jeep you have a couple of options. 1. Say you've owned the Jeep for 20 months and have another 40 months to go. You have paid off a certain amount of the vehicle and usually the bank can readjust your loan back to 60 months of payments. This will lower your monthly payment. 2. If you recently bought the Jeep you can tell the bank your situation and they may be able to lower your payments for a determined amount of time.

How long does it take for a loan company to sue?

It took 13 months from last payment to the end of foreclosure proceedings and the eviction notice.

What is a Hardship agreement credit card companies?

A Hardship Agreement, is when you as the consumer agrees to pay the minimum payment with no APR, or finance charges for a number of months. This is the last option you have to pay your debt.

I am selling a car i haven't recived a payment in 3 months no contract there was a verbal agreement on payment dates what can i do?

If you finalized the transfer prior to receiving payment, you're boned (and really bloody stupid). You will need to go to court. If you haven't finalized the transfer, tell the purchaser you need payment or you will report the vehicle stolen.

How long can Insurers delay payment of cash surrender values?

the MAXIMUM length of time a life insurance company may LEGALLY hold your payment of cash value on a SURRENDERED policy is 6 MONTHS.

Can your finance company repossess your car after 2 months of non payment?

Yes, in some states you can be as little as 30 days late before the reposession process is begun. This seems to vary based on laws from state to state as well as with individual finance companies. The exact answer for your situation should be located in the original finance contract that you signed. Yes, in some states you can be as little as 30 days late before the reposession process is begun. This seems to vary based on laws from state to state as well as with individual finance companies. The exact answer for your situation should be located in the original finance contract that you signed.

How much would you pay for a muscle car monthly?

Depends on sticker price of the vehicle, the interest rate on your loan, and how many months the payment period for your loan is.

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