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What should you do if your shower has more water coming out of the spicket than out of the shower head?


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It may be that your shower head is clogged with minerals. Try using a mineral/lime cleaner like CLR or LimeAway. You can buy these at large chain stores or hardware stores. Pour the solution into a bowl and soak the shower head for 5 minutes or so (longer if needed). You can also take the head off and soak in the solution.


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You need to check your hot/cold handles or the shower spicket. Not sure what type you have, but they come off. More than likely you need to just replace a gasket..

I assume your talking about the little fountain that has a spicket that appears to be floating above a pitcher of water... The water is pumped from the lower reservoir (the pitcher) through a solid piece of clear tubing, which extends upward apx. 8inches or so into the mouth of the spicket. When pump is plugged in, the water runs up through the clear tube into the spicket, then down the outside of the tubing making it appear as if the spicket is freestanding. Clever design.

Do you have hot water at other fixtures in the house? If not you have a water heater problem. If yes the Shower valve needs to be rebuilt if it is a bressure balanced faucet the concentration should be on the pressure balancing spool area of the faucet.

Your water heater probably isn't working properly.

A shower! So you don't soak in dirty bath water!

get it in a tub or shower and turn on the tap,not the shower pour water on it so its not scared then turn on the shower if its still scared keep it in with water on and simulate (fake) some thunder then it should be ok

Remove the shower head and clean out anything that might be blocking it, such as hair or debris. Replace the shower head and turn on the water; the water should be running.

There is no specific temperature, on the shower unit there is a 'mixing valve' which allows you to adjust the temperature to individual requirements, up to the maximum that the heater is set or the lowest value where only unheated water is delivered.

There is rust in the steel pipes of your house, possibly the water heater. Have them looked at soon

When you take a shower, you're mixing a combination of hot and cold water to make a comfortable temperature for the shower water. A toilet draws only off the cold water system. In older or poorly designed plumbing systems, when you flush the toilet, the cold water is pulled by toilet, so the water coming through the shower is only drawing from the hot water tank.

Gravity. The shower head is probably 4 or 5 feet higher than the bath tap.

Electricity and water don't mix. You should not have a socket in the shower.

Water entering the shower has no sperm. Water leaving the shower might, depending on who was there last.

sometimes you must pull out the headliner or side panels and have someone investigate inside while you shower it with the hose.

A shower curtain should hang enough inside of the tub or shower stall to keep the water from running outside. Usually an inch and a half or two inches is enough.

Use an air compressor with an adapter fitting that will allow you to push air in through a spicket on the tank. I made an adapter with a water pressure tester gauge (that is made to attach to a water (hose) spicket.) I then took off the gauge and installed a quick connect air fitting (standard on air equipment and air hoses).

Shower curtains should be washed regularily to prevent calcium buildup or other stains on them.

High pressure shower heads will hold up best to hard water. However, regular cleaning is still advised.

it depends on what type of shower, but the usual mistake that is made is that the cold water supply to the shower has been taken from pipes in the bathroom such as the bath tap but they should be taken from the rising main ( direct supply).

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