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What should you do to be a good employee?


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Get there on time, do your job and earn your pay......


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In order to be a good hotel employee you must be ready to work long hours. You should also have good customer service skills.

what should be message form hr for the employee

you are the new employee of the month!

A welcome memo for a new employee should be very encouraging. You should also let the employee how everyone is excited that they are now working for the company.

I am a responsible and qualified employee and I will do a good job.

An employee should never to combative or hostile when a conflict arises with theirsupervisor.

An employee should never say or do anything that can be viewed as critical or disrespectful to an employe. Stealing and lying would be two huge things an employee should never do.

Yes you have to, that employee should not be welcome to work at the company

What are the two important questions an appraisal should answer for an employee?

You should select someone as a company employee because they exhibit the skills you need. You should also look for a positive personality.

An employee portal is a web-based human resources management which manages the leaves, time in/out, payroll, benefits and deductions of employee. It also provides company, job and qualification information. A good employee portal provides all the needs of the employee without having the hassle of going to an HR employee.

Get StartedThe Employee Tracker is a place where you can keep track of basic employee information, such as salary, start date, benefits, and other information. You can also use it to track continuing information, such as attendance, disciplinary actions, positive notices, and promotions.Lawsuits by employees against employers with respect to employment matters are increasing. In addition to providing a good way to stay organized, the Employee Tracker can provide an important record of employee behavior should you need it in the future.Note: You should create and save an Employee Tracker for each employee you have. The tracker is not designed to store multiple employees in one.

no the manager should not have the right not to accept the resignation of an employee, that right should be for the owner or top boss

Yes, you should press charges on an employee who is steals from the organization. This will discourage others from trying to steal from you.

should my husband pay social security on his employee

Employee time cards should be kept for at least two years. For employee leave and absences, records should be kept for at least three years.

It depends, largely, upon the relationship between the employee and the manager. If the employee is on good terms with the manager, it is probably best to ask the manager for a meeting to discuss the conflict thoroughly and calmly, and with the purpose to resolve it or to understand the manager's point of view and accept it. If the employee is not on good terms with the manager, it would be wise for the employee to ask questions to be sure he/she understands the manager's point of view, and to accept it. If the conflict cannot be resolved and the employee cannot accept the manager's point of view, the employee should resign.

Wanting to do the job.

Immediately after good actions are observed.

only employers should have their employees records however when employees has an assessment the information taken should be given to an employee so they could improve

If an employer asks an employee if that employer can count on him or her, the answer should be yes. An employee must be reliable in order to benefit the employer.

Formal evaluations of each employee should be completed regularly so that deficiencies can be discovered and discussed with the employee.

The church employee in question is a good place to start.

depends on how productive the employee is and how good of a boss the employer is as well

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