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Hernias are not self curable and must be repaired surgically before an infection sets in with the intestine.


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A hernia often requires surgery to cure completely.

No, I'm afraid that only surgery will cure a hernia.

If a doctor told you this, I'd suggest you get a second opinion. The only cure that I know of for a hernia is surgery.

Surgery is the recommended course of action for hernias. To control the hernia a binding device may be used. This binding would hold the hernia in while doing exercises and would prevent the hernia from getting larger.

It depends what happened to him/her. If it broke something, its impossible to get it cured right away. You would have to just let it heal. If he/she is sick. Then get medicine

There is only a palliative treatment of umblical hernia in homeopathy. Sooner or later you have to resort to surgery.

Heber Chase has written: 'The final report of the committee of the Philadelphia medical society on the construction of instruments, and their mode of action in the radical cure of hernia ..' -- subject(s): Hernia, Trusses (Surgery)

Abdominal hernias generally do not recur in children but can recur in up to 10% of adult patients. Surgery is considered the only cure, and the prognosis is excellent if the hernia is corrected before it becomes strangulated. Hiatal hernias are.

Open heart surgery should cure you so that you don't have any symptoms

Kendal Franks has written: 'The radical cure of hernia by the method of dissection' -- subject(s): Hernia, Treatment

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No, it is not the cure way but it is the BEST way.

there is no natural cure, only surgery when needed

Many people cured their own hernias before surgery became fashionable. This is documented in books such as Cluthe's Advice to the Ruptured. Exercises to strengthen the abdominal wall are important, as is wearing the right kind of truss.

The only cure is surgery to close up the hole.

A hernia is repaired, not cured. A surgeon stitches up the tear in the abdominal wall.

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Hernias almost never "cure" themselves by just resting. According to health scout dot com, the best treatment is herniorrhaphy which is a surgical procedure.

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