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Try replacing the ignition solenoid. It sounds like yours may be stuck in the start position.

2006-12-03 20:45:21
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Why does your car want to start as soon as battery is connected without key in ignition?

Stuck ignition switch.

If you leave your jeep ignition on auxiliary position will it drain the battery?


Why do you disconnect battery cable?

because when the battery is connected it is like an on and off switch with the switch in the on position!

Can Pokemon gold internal battery not run out after 7 years?

the internal battery gets recharged whenever it gets connected to the gameboy system.

Why did your 1997 Lincoln Continental electrical system totally shut down when you turned the ignition?

there is a small wire connected at the battery. make sure it is connected

How do you remove a stuck ignition key from a 2004 Chevy trail blazer when the battery is dead?

First, replace the battery. Then, cycle the ignition between on and off three times. Turn the ignition key into the on position, then the off position, three times. The computer will recognize the key, reboot the computer, and release your key.

Can battery drain completely if key left in ignition with car in neutral on 2003 BMW 3 series?

If the ignition is left in the on position, yes.

How do you reset the computer on an 06 Kia Sorento?

Disconnect one cable of your battery and turn the car key to ignition position two times, connects your battery and turn the car key to ignition.

Will a solar powered battery charger connected to the cigarette lighter of a Nissan almera equation charge the battery without turning on the ignition?

If the cigarette lighter would normally work without turning on the ignition, yes.

Why is your truck trying to start itself after you installed a starter and as soon as you were done connected the battery and it begun to try and start itself until the battery died?

Wires connected to the starter incorrectly or defective ignition switch.

Why no ignition light?

The reason for no ignition light could be a low battery. The wiring system may be another reason for this. Check the white wires in the ignition switch and the multi-plug connector to ensure they are connected.

How to reset computer codes on 2003 buick lesabre?

Take the negative battery cable off, then turn the ignition to the on position to leave the ignition on for 5 seconds then turn off. Then reconnect your negative battery cable.

At first it was crank no start now my battery is dead and i believe it's all connected somehow Could this be a bad ignition switch?

No. If the starter turns over the ignition switch is good.

Why does your 1999 Nissan maxima security light flashes when ignition is offthen goes solid on with ignition on and while crankingand car will not start?

I forgot to tell you after you connect the battery with the key in start position try to start the car after you reconnect the battery

Is a ignition relay the same as battery starter?

No. The relay is what actuates the starter motor, whenn you turn the key to the start position.

What makes key not turn to lock position on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt?

If the battery is dead it will not allow the key to return to locked position. Thus trapping you key in the ignition.

How can you put your Chevy Cobalt in neutral when the battery is dead?

Can you not turn your ignition key to the RUN position and select the neutral position while holding your foot on the brake pedal ?

What causes a 1972 C50 truck not to turn over no clicks or anything?

assuming the battery and cables are good and connected....check the ignition switch..:)

What does it mean when you Replace starter and when you go to connect cables to battery the starter starts and stays on without key in ignition until you remove cable from battery?

The wires to the starter are probably connected wrong.

Why does the battery run down fast when you try to start a 2000 astro van?

Sounds like something is shorting out whenever the ignition key is turned on. Could be the starter motor, as that is the first electrical connection after the battery.

Will using the car radio when the motor is off drain the battery?

Radio Use when engine is not runningYes, use of the radio when the engine is not running will drain the battery. Also, IF the use of the radio requires the ignition switch to be in the ON position, then any other devices [such as on-board computers, electric fuel pumps, etc.] that are turned on when the key is on will also add drain to the battery.IF your vehicle ignition switch has an "accessory" position [usually one "click" counterclockwise from the OFF position, then only the accessories that you turn on, will drain the battery.

1997 Saturn will not start and you replaced the starter?

check the battery voltage, check battery cables, check ignition switch(where you turn the key), or check the crankshaft position sensor. cheers

How do you reset the car alarm when the battery has been dead for several months on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

When I replaced my wifes battery in her 98 Camry, I had her put the key into the ignition, turn it to "on" position, then I connected the battery cables, then have to take out the key,,,get out of the car,,,lock the doors using the key,,,,,open the door lock using the key,,,then start the car...seems that opening and unlocking the doors resets the alarm,,,

How do you wire a citroen saxo ignition barrel?

To wire an ignition barrel in the Citroen Saxo, begin by disconnecting the wire at the negative terminal of the battery. A lead wire has to go to the ACC terminal on the ignition barrel. The starter relay wire goes to the ST terminal and the ignition wire is connected to the IGN terminal.

How do you get a Ford Expedition out of park when battery is dead?

Have you tried turning the ignition key to the run position , step on the brake pedal , and shift to neutral ?