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There should be no reason the toilet would overflow. The water being turned off should have no effect on it. As long as the drain is clear even if the shut off valve in the tank didn't work, the water will just go down the drain.

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You just buy a new one, you can't fix it, cause you turned it on right after picking it from the toilet, which you shouldn't had to do :(

I assume you mean the water is hot when you flush it. If so the toilet has been plumbed into the hot water system when it should be plumbed into the cold. That happened to me once I thought the toilet was going through menopause, However as it turned out however the hot flushes turned out to be a hot water pipe being connected rather then a cold water pipe.

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Assuming you have a regular tank toilet with a ball float and rubber flap and that the water is turned on and the tank is filling, the most common cause of a toilet not flushing is a broken or detached chain that runs from the handle lever to te rubber flap that keeps the water in the tank.

the most likely answer to this question is a faulty washer, the reason it keeps running until the washing machine is turned on is cause the pressure is being withdrawn from the toilet. replace the washers to the toilets and monitor. if this fails you may have to consider replacing all the mechinisims inside

Refill tube not connected /working.Float valve stuck or water turned off

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The washer in the shut off valve has probably split or come off completely over time.

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I would hope you have your problem solved by now but the first place I would check is for a valve under the sink that is turned off. Overflowing should be a separate problem and you would check the trap under the sink.

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bad flapper valve. cheap and easy to replace. check with lowes or home depot plumbing dept. they can tell you exactly what you need and how to install it.

They have probably got air bubbles in them. It may be a worn out ballcock at a toilet.

Pressure differences are causing the stop to bounce. This causes temporary water flow in the tank. A new float should take care of this issue.

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There are temperature balanced shower bodies that will adjust the hot water flow when it senses that the cold water flow drops due to flushing the toilet.

It is just water draining down from the pipes, or sphiphoning out of the water heater. Open both hot and cold taps on the highest sink and the lowest fixture. If the lowest happens to be the toilet, flush it and let it refill. Once should be enough to empty the lines.

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