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Q: What should you do when approaching uncontrolled railway crossing at night and day?
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When approaching a railroad crossing which way should you look?


How many feet should you drive when approaching railroad crossing on left side?

When approaching a railroad crossing, you should never drive on the left-hand side of the road when you are within ______ feet of the crossing.A. 100B. 150C. 200D. 250

When approaching or nearing an uncontrolled intersection you should?

Observe speed limits, slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary. Give right of way to pedestrians and to traffic approaching from the right (unless signage indicates otherwise).

What precautions should a driver take at uncontrolled intersections?

When approaching an intersection of this type, you shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle which has entered the intersection on your right or is approaching the intersection from your right. If the road to your right is clear, or if approaching vehicles are far enough from the intersection to make your crossing safe, you may proceed. Since there are no traffic controls at this intersection, make sure that there are no approaching vehicles from the left. you may legally have the right-of-way, but you should be sur the other driver yield to you before you proceed. [4-2] Look this up!!! :)

If you cannot see clearly 100 feet in both directions when approaching an uncontrolled intersection what should your rate of speed be?

No more than 15 mph

Why should anyone not play on the railway tracks?

Because if you don't notice the trains approaching you can get run over, which probably is quite unpleasant.

What should you predict when approaching an uncontrolled intersection?

It depends on where the intersection is. For an intersection in the middle of the countryside, you should probably look both ways so that you won't get hit by a car.

If you are approaching a railroad crossing and a train is coming how many feet away from the tracks should you stop?


In what situations should you never pass a car?

You should never pass a car when you are approaching a hill, a curve, an intersection, a railroad crossing or when other traffic approaching is close enough to present a hazard. Also you should know that it is illegal to drive over the posted speed limit when you are passing.

When approaching an intersection bridge or railroad crossing you should never drive pass on the left half of the roadway when within?

If you have a double-yellow stripe in the center of the road, then you are not allowed to pass. Same rule applies to a single yellow stripe, or when a solid line is on your side and a dotted line on the other.

When approaching a mooring buoy which of the should you do?

Go slow when approaching

To eliminate the influence of uncontrolled variables during experimentation one should?

To eliminate the influence of uncontrolled variables during experimentation