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Any guy (no matter what his age) that impregnates a girl and then bails out on her isn't a man at all and has a wide yellow streak up his back. He may be shocked and worried about you being pregnant, but this is still no reason to cheat on you. If he can't stand by you now you can't force him to stand by you during your pregnancy or after the baby comes. He's a rat, so kick him to the curb and get full custody of your child if you can. Good luck hon. here's the thing ive been with my bf for over a year now and im 3 week and 3 days away from having his child but yesterday i found out he s cheating on me with another girl what do i do? i cant trust him but he said it meant nothing and when he was given a choice he choose me but i think it was just for the baby. and when i asked him what he did with her then he said kissed her, then he said he regrets it now but it didnt seem to bother him that he had really hurt me. he said she didnt mean anything to him but he was on about sleeping with her when he went up to hers but i found out the day before and he never went. i really dont know what do to cuz i still love him i just cant trust him once they cheat they can and will do it again its just a matter of time. what should i do plz if anyone can help. Hi hon I posted above you. Being pregnant makes your hormones go all over the place and now you are under stress. For now don't make any decisions on what you want to do, but try and focus on your baby. After you have had the baby and things calm down, then decide. Trust me when I tell you this guy is pure rat (not that I have anything against rats in the animal kingdom) but he's sneaky, playing head games with you and is the lowest form of male there is. Here you are pregnant with his baby and he's seeing another girl instead of being by your side when you have doubts, fears and wonder what is in the future for you. I have met many young single moms and they have done just fine. Later on they have met a wonderful guy and got married. So, your future is not over yet. Kick this guy to the curb after you have that baby and see if your parents can help you out or get assistance from the government. I can promise you that you will meet someone worthy of you and your child. Hang on! If you need further help or just need to ask questions feel free to post again. Good luck & God Bless

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Q: What should you do when you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you and you are less than a month away from having his baby?
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