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You should probably see a doctor. That sounds like a pretty hard hit.

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Q: What should you do when you hit your head on cement and have a big bump?
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What should you do when you hit your head on the roof and it leaves a big bump?

Act like you dont know what happened...:-]

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Small bump in the back of head and has been there for several months?

you have a big problem

Is it normal to have swelling after a bump tp the head?

yes it is very normal. you can expect pain and swelling and treat those symptoms as normal, but if you feel very tired after a big bump to the head or faint you require medical attention immediately because you could have a concussion. stay around friends and family after a big bump to the head so they can keep an eye on you!

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My Bugdie had a big red bump on its back. We had to put it down.

Is it serious if you hit your head and get a big bump right behind your ear?

no just put ice on it

What is the proper name for a big bump on your head caused by injury?

i think its called a Hematoma or something

Is it normal to have bumps on your head after smoking weed?

After I smoked I had this big bump on the back of my head and I went to the doctors the doctor said that inflammation in the glands on your head swell when thc is consumed which is in marijuana some peoples brains react differently having a bump on your head is not very normal though so you should definatly have a specialist look at it and don't be affriad to tell them about smoking everything is confidential

Big bump on the back of your head?

Go see your family doctor, to make sure it is not a serious problem.

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this could be a cyst, and it should be checked out by your doctor!

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Hm, I don't think you should be too worried. I fall all the time & I don't get a bump always. I don't believe it's a big problem. :]

My husband hit his head on right side big bump there what should I do?

Apply some ice to it to help with the swelling and pain. If he experiences any symptoms, such as dizziness, fainting, or vomiting, seek immediate medical attention.

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The swelling usually subsides in two days.

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