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You should ask him alot of questions and possibly hint a date. Flirt and if you are a girl you can say that you are making cookies while you are on the phone with him then next day give him some of the cookies and say "I brought you some of the cookies I made last night" after all a way to a guy's heart is through their stomach.

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Q: What should you do when you talk to your crush on the phone?
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How do you talk to your sixth grade crush on the phone?

be yourself sweetie.

What do you do if your friend crush doesn't have a crush on her but has a crush on you?

If Ur friend's crush in feel in you u should have a talk about it with her and tell her that u don't have a crush on him but if u do you should still talk about it with Ur friend!!! Hope u get things the way they should be ttyl

What should you do if your in the seventh grade and have a crush on a guy?

Tell him that you have a crush on him. Talk to him.

How do you make your crush talk to you?

Actually, you should talk to him/her instead. It improves the chances of him/her going from your crush to your lover quicker.

What you should do if your crush ask your phone number?

Smile! Ask him or her for their's. That way you guys can talk without being at school or stuff like that. And you can ask him or her out by text! That's what I'm planning to do with my crush.

How can you talk to alex wolff on the computer and what is his phone number?

nat who do you realy have a crush on

Should you talk to the friend of the guy that you like?

Sure by doing so you can find out more about your crush and it could give you ideas about what to talk to your crush about.

How will you talk to your crush even if he knows that you like himAnd he also likes you too what should you do?

You should talk to him or be friends with him

When's the right time to talk to your crush?

You can talk to your crush anytime. There is no specific time to talk to your crush.

Crush on someone and we're serparating in 7th grade and I am in 6th grade what should I do?

you should talk to them and become friends! get their phone number. this will help you stay in touch and see them more often.

My stepbro asked my crush out on the phone for me heres what my crush said why did you interrupt me she should ask me out herself at school so what should i do?

Ask your crush out at school. Do that and see what happens.

What should you do if your crush looks like Justin Bieber?

Talk to your crush. There's no difference if a crush looks or doesn't look like Justin.

What should do if you scared to talk to a girl who has a crush on you?

ask your dad for advice

Should you talk to terorist?

No-you should be on the phone to the FBI.

Your friend has a crush on you and you might like him back what should you do?

Talk. Just talk. Go tell him you like him

What if your crushes little sister does not want you to date your crush?

u should talk to her about it

How do you become closer with the guy you have a crush on?

You guys should talk and see what you have in common :)

What should you talk to your crush about in private when you are best friends with him?

Tell him how your feel and see where it goes from there.

What if my friend's crush likes me?

You should comfront your friend about it and talk to your friend about it. Good Luck!

What should you talk about around girls?

If you have a crush on them tell them how beautiful they are, tell them jokes, be cute.

What if you had a choice between talking to your friend on the phone whom you see almost every day or a potential chance to talk to your crush who you see biweekly who would you pick if you're shy?

i would pick your crush u can see ur friend daily they should understand

How to talk to your crush?

You can talk to your crush directly by going to them. If you're introvert, you can ask a mutual friend to introduce.

My crush started a lie about how my BFFs BF likes me and not her what should you do?

You should probably talk to your BFF before someone else tells her. If she really is your best friend, she will understand that its not true. Try and talk to your crush and tell him to admit to your BFF that its not true, and talk to your BFF's BF as well. Its all about the power of speech! :)

Should I text my crush since my brother got his number for me and he doesn't have mine?

if you talk to him then yeah, but if not..then no.

What should I say when my crush says why I don't talk to him?

You should say cuz your embarrassed to tell him you pike him lol jk