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What should you do when your five year old son begins discovering his body?


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Be very open with him. Tell him boys and girls are different and that's what makes them boys or girls. Look up male anatomy on your computer and explain to him what each part is without shame in your voice. You may have a dr. in your future. Feed his curiosity with the truth. Offer it to him in a matter of fact way just like you would explain bones or different kinds of animals. Lots of anatomy books are available for small kids questions.

Yes, give him simple answers. If you're talking about masturbation, simply explain that what he is doing, while perfectly normal, is something he must only do in the privacy of his bedroom. That it is not polite, etc. anywhere else or in front of others.

Yes, let him know that everything is perfectly normal, but that it's not acceptable in public or outside or his room. If you catch him doing it, just tell him to stop, or if it is possible, ask him if he needs to go to his room. If he presists, he might need to be put in time out to learn when it is appropriate and when it's not.

One additional note to the other good answers; not only teach him that it is normal and healthy and something that requires privacy. This is a GOOD opportunity to reinforce the fact that his private parts are PRIVATE and no one has the right to touch his private parts. I work with special education adolecents and in addition to teachhing them appropriateness in this area, I also use this time to reinforce the fact that you tell mom, dad, teachers or me if anyone attempts to touch them inappropriately and also to respect others and not touch them inappropriately. Other than that, if he doesn't always remember to keep his "discovery" in a private venue, then I would redirect him to an appropriate area and remind him of the rules. I would discourage punitive punishment at this young age. Also keep explanations SIMPLE and consistant.


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