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Don't listen. If you've been together in a loving relationship that long, and then she wants to leave you, she never had interest. Don't allow her to "take some time off" without getting an exact reason why. If she's cheated before or if there is a HIGH chance she's unfaithful, then she only wants away to hook up with someone. Ask and find out. If she won't answer, ask her family. Find out if it's a personal problem of hers or if she's mad at you. Just don't blame yourself.

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Q: What should you do when your girlfriend breaks up with you after 3 years of a relationship and tells you that she wants to be single and independent for awhile but that she still loves you?
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What it mean when girlfriend breaks up with you but says someday be back together?

it means that she don't have time for a relationship right then but she still does and always will have fillings for you

What does the word 'ex' mean in a relationship?

When you date someone and have a relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you then that makes them your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. 'Ex' means the relationship is over. When a couple gets married and then divorced it because 'ex husband' or 'ex wife' meaning there is either a separation and divorce and that person is no longer in your life.

What can you do if your girlfriend breaks up with you by saying that she no longer feels the relationship?

According to some articles i have read about this situation i think its proper that you move on because once people like her indicate they are not ready for a relationship they most often, really aren't.

What do i do if the boy i like has a girlfriend?

If a boy you like has a girlfriend you should first tell the boy how you feel. If the boy reciprocates your feelings or wants to spend time with you, tell him that you won't spend time with him until he breaks up with his girlfriend. It's never a good thing to break up a relationship.

What if your girlfriend breaks up with you?

ask her why and try to get over her

If a girlfriend breaks up with you over the phone after a very long relationship but refuses to see you what does that usually mean?

shes not meant for u anyone who ends a relationship over the phone does not have much of a character to begin with, an ethical person will speak to you on a one on one basis to your face. (you are lucky to be out of the relationship)

What are the advantages of personal relationship?

tax breaks

Can you be prodigy girlfriend from mindless behavior?

yeahh after he breaks up wit his current girlfriend bodurin ogunnupe...

What happens when a boy breaks up with his girlfriend?

Each individual is different and he may not even want to date for awhile and hang out with his friend; he may have another girl he wants to date or, he will be looking to date someone else, but have no one in mind at the present time.

If your guy friend has a girlfriend but he likes you and you like him to will he ask you out?

Well not likely unless he breaks up with his girlfriend first.

How do you get your ex girlfriend back after she breaks up with her boyfriend?

If your girlfriend has broken up with her boyfriend then take the risk and either phone her and go see her and ask if she'd like to go on a date and then take things slow and easy and see if your relationship picks up again.

What if your girlfriend breaks up with you what do you do?

you get on with your life and try to find a new girl

What does it mean when your girlfriend breaks up with you in a dream?

it means she is unsure about the relationship and things might be getting bad so i would step things and make her feel like the relationship is secure.

How should a girlfriend act?

A girlfriend should act like herself. To have a healthy relationship you need to try not to yell, don't get mad easily, and if he breaks your heart be calm about it. If he hugs, talks, or tells a secret to another girl don't get mad or go crazy. And the best way for a girlfriend to act is to listen and be honest. Sincerely, 303star!!!

Lovers hates it friends hate it relationship breaks with it?

A lie?

What if your girlfriend cheats on you and you give her another chance and then she goes and breaks up with you?

Not good.

How do you handle yourself after a 10 year relationship breaks up?

when a relationship breaks after 10 years or 20 years ,the most important thing you can do to handle yourself is to remind yourself who you are and do what comes naturally for you

What does it mean when she breaks up with you then comes out fo nowhere after awhile?

It means that the person she left you for has now left her, and she doesnt want to be alone.

What should you do if a guy flirts with you but has a girlfriend?

make sure that he is flirting with you...and if he really does like you then tell him that you cant go out with him until he breaks up with his girlfriend.

What type of sin is serious and breaks your relationship with God?

Mortal sin

What do i do when a relationship was amazing but my girlfriend breaks up with me because she wants to focus more on herself family and studies?

If you really want her back you'll probably have to wait for her. If you think you can wait for however long she needs then you should tell her so

What does it mean when your girlfriend keeps on breaking up with you after you cheated on her before?

She really wants to be with you but dont trust you enough to have a committed long term relationship. OR she is really cheating on you but breaks up with you first in order to do it so it isn't classified as "cheating"

What are three mental and emotional that teen face?

Rape, Bullying, and relationship breaks

Are you the rebound girlfriend?

1. You are only with him when he breaks up with a girl less than 1 week after the relationship. 2. You are only with him when he is vulnerable. 3. He stays with you for a little while moves on to someone else and comes back to you over and over again

What happens your girlfriend lies about hanging with a guy?

give her one more chance if she breaks it DUMP HER