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She does love you, it's true. But the fact of the matter is, she is trying to move on without hurting you any more than she has to. It's hard to get over someone when they are still being civil to you, but trust me, it will be easier to take a hint and get out now before she gives you a reason to hate her. After all, if you are broken up, she has the right to start dating other people.... Good luck.

AnswerI wish it was that easy. We've been going out for 3 years. When I talk to her friends, they told me to just give her sometime. She told me that she still loves me, cares deeply, and that we have this special connection. The reason she wants to do this is for herself. Ok, I know in the past I made her upset and she did the same to me but we worked it out. She says "the timing is not right" meaning I'm in the real world (making money, after graduating from college ofcourse)and she's in grad school. And plus, she wants to be alone and be independent for awhile (told me no boyfriend for awhile). She also said I should try to move on because she doesn't want me to wait for her. I need some ladies' opinion on this. I do truly love her alot and do everything I can to work it out! And I know the saying "if you truly love someone, set them free, but if they come back to you, then it was meant to be." What should I do? Any real life experience on this "true love" that have worked?

thanks for yalls help

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Q: What to do when a couple breaks up because she wanted to be independent for awhile but tells you she still loves you a lot and that you should try to move on but you want her back because you love her?
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