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Your girlfriend said it loud and clear "she wanted a break" so if you won't leave her alone and ask her out then that's why she is mad. You aren't listening! She is pressured by her mother and obviously you both are arguing about it and it's wearing on her. There is more to this story I am sure. Really think about yourself and why her mother would make your life in particular a waking nightmare. That's the big question here. Do you treat your girlfriend with respect? Are you loyal to her? Do you try in your relationship? Have you ever made any attempt to talk to her mother? There is a reason why the two of you have split up and it's time you both sat down and talked about it. Perhaps you did nothing wrong at all, but don't you think you both owe it to each other to be honest in what is really going on and perhaps try talking to her mother? Even if her mother may resent you for some reason and you think it's unfair, whatever you do, don't argue with her and back off a bit. If you argue with the mother she will only dig in her heels further and you won't win out on this one.

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Q: What should you do when your girlfriend wanted a break but when you ask her out or talk to her she gets mad for no reason plus her mom has made your life a waking nightmare?
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