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Only you know what went on between the two of you. It doesn't sound like he's a man of many commitments. He's caught in his own web of feeling guilty for asking for the divorce and worrying about your welfare. He may be trying to figure out who he is at this point and what he wants out of life. Because you invested time in your marriage (even if you are divorced) and IF you still love him, why not meet him at a quiet bar or somewhere else to discuss both your feelings. If he's not willing to commit it's time to move on. It could be that he doesn't want to be married, but detests the thought of you dating other men. Some men that split-up want it all. They want their own freedom to date whom they want, yet expect you to sit at home and never date in your lifetime. You need to decide what you want in your life. If you are over him then tell him not to call you again and move on. If you want him back in your life again then meet with him and go from there. Don't EVER sell yourself short and if you feel he will never commit to you then it's time to move on and you make that clear to him. No more phone calls from him if he's not willing to commit! Good luck Marcy

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2006-04-03 18:53:37
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Q: What should you do when your husband asked for a divorce and you consented but he calls you because he misses you and feels sorry he hurt you but is afraid to come back?
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