What should you dress your young baby in to attend their grandfather's funeral?


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Keep him home. the child is much too young to know what is going on.

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Funeral Dress - album - was created in 2005-12.

A black dress with black stockings, and black shoes.

If you are wearing a dress uniform, you should wear it properly. That would include medals, particularly if it is a military funeral. A salute as the flag is folded is also required.

You should wear a black (or gray) skirt and blouse or a dark gray or black dress. For your shoes wear black heels or sandals

you should wear tights because you dont want a man to say''hey want a man'' its crazy you know what stik with the tights. =]AnswerWell it depends on what length dress you are wearing if your wearing a short dress then yes if your wearing a mid calf length dress then no.

Yes, but your presence at a funeral is more important than your attire.

To be respectful, a girl should wear a black dress. In the winter, she could wear black tights, and a cardigan with it. A guy would wear a suit, or if he doesn't have one, dress pants, a collared shirt, and a tie.

He or She should wear Full Undress Uniform Medals should be worn D Clift Retired Fire Fighter

they dress white which symbolizes peace, quiet, calm and more serious!!

Any dress uniform would be appropriate. Dress blues are the ones that would be the best. But dress whites are acceptable.

Jehovah's Witnesses themselves will attend dressed in dress clothes such as shirt and tie, dress pants or kahkis. Some may dress in suits, some in sport jackets. The women will dress in dresses or skirts. As far as those who are not JW's who attend the service, nobody is going to expect you to dress in any particular way. Nobody will be turned away, or stared at, or made to feel out of place because you came dressed in casual clothes. It's not a contest to see who can dress up the best. We come to the Kingdom Hall dressed up a little for funerals and weddings, because that is what JW's are used to doing for our meetings. But many people don't have a suit, or even a tie. You don't have to run out and buy a suit and tie to go to a funeral at a Kingdom Hall. Go to the funeral dressed the way that you can. The important thing is to be there.

Dress Blues or Dress Whites depending on the season and your command's policy.

hot pink and purple peeptoe heel Or a black dress, and sometimes white

Hi there, I believe the dress (top hat etc) of a funeral director goes back to Victorian Times and is simply a matter of tradition and to demonstrate respect for the deceased. Nowadays, there are many kinds of funeral service - varying by belief, religon and individual taste. Many contemporary funerals move away from the traditional dress and customs.

Funeral attire has to be formal. Men should wear a black suit with a white shirt accessorised with a long, neutral tie. Women should wear a black dress or a dark suit with a jacket. Boys should wear black suits and girls should wear 'box-like' dresses without unnecessary sequins and beading.

Be clean and neat and wear dress clothes

When indoors, when addressing a lady , during an outdoor funeral service, during the playing of the national anthem , and at the raising and lowering of the flag .

Military & retired can wear class "A"s or dress blues.

Respectful formal wear; black is not obligatory.

You would dress as is appropriate to the culture of the nation you are in.

There are no rules on what to wear to a funeral but it is customary to dress up in a modest way (no shorts / mini skirts and no sleeveless shirts) Most Jewish people will wear dark colours at a funeral.

if your a woman, you should where a dress, if your a man, you should where a suit.

There may be different dress codes in different cultures. However, in most cases, people wear sober coloured clothes, preferably whites. Since, it is a time for mourning, no one is really concerned about what you wear but if you wear a party dress for a funeral, it sure might raise some eyebrows.

She was wearing a white dress with printed black roses.

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