What should you eat or drink to get a bigger butt?

Bigger Butt

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  • Any food with high levels of refined processed carbohydrate will get you a bigger butt but you will also get fatter in general. You may also get heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, dental caries, type 2 diabetes, and other diet related diseases. To get the look you want the best way might be through an exercise. However, it depends on your genes.
  • Since fat does not tend to accumulate in exact areas, but tends to be distributed over specific areas (around the hips and thighs in women), there is no particular food that could give one a bigger butt. In order to increase the size and prominence of the butt, it would be better to perform exercises that specifically target the muscles of the lower body, particularly the gluteus maximum muscles, such as squats and leg kicks. Muscles, unlike fat, can be specifically targeted and developed.
  • If you have the genes for a thick body, then that's the reason.
  • You cannot eat food and make it go to one spot. Your body puts it where it wants it, like it or not.
  • Any food that has calories can make your butt fatter if you overeat and don't burn off the excess calories, but only if your genetic makeup causes you to put on fat in your butt.
  • The best way to healthfully enhance these features is through weight training type exercises. Eating certain things will not do anything. It all gets stored the same way and in the same places. Also, the way you dress yourself will help too.
  • If you eat a lot of junk you'll have cellulite! GROSS! What you want to do to make your butt bigger is

    1. stand like a dog.. yes on all 4's

    2. lift your bent right leg out to the right making 90 degree angles in all directions then lower back down slowly.. 20 times

    3. with the same leg, repeat step 2 but when you're at the top of the motion straighten your leg then bend it again then lower it all of this slowly.. 20 times

    4. still with the right leg, repeat step 3 but when you have you leg straight out to the side, make a circular motion clockwise (10 times) then counter clockwise (10 times) the lower back down only do one set of this or you could blow a hip.

    5. now this step is different, but still with the right leg, straighten you're leg out to the back lift from straight out to as high as you can get it .. 25 times

    6. the the same as step 5 but this time instead of a straight leg bend it.. 25 times

    7. repeat all of this on you're left leg...

    do it with weights when you feel comfortable if you can afford weights or if you're not ready for weights, repeat the whole set two three times til you feel a harsh BURN .. more the burn the better! but that exercise is mainly for the butt!

  • In order to achieve a bigger butt and I am assuming you would prefer firmer as well, you should try to eater cleaner that is consume more lean protein no fried foods, eliminate pastries and junk food. Good carbohydrates are a way to also increase some mass on your posterior, particularly oatmeal, whole grains etc. The hormone estrogen is the messenger for fat on women's bodies that is some women harbour more fat in certain estrogen dominated areas on the body such as breasts others gain and retain fat on the buttocks, hips or thighs. In most cases if you just naturally observe the fact that some women with ample breasts typically also carry weight on their trunks or waists whereas women with more voluptuous behinds (apple bottoms) have smaller waists you might realize that you fit in to the former category. But that said you still may be able to enhance your butt size through diet and exercise. I recommend that you do lunges but not the forward lunges rather lunges performed stepping backwards. I also recommend reading a book by Denise Austin called Shrink Your Female Fat Zones, although you don't to shrink your butt rather you want to build it up this book provides excellent exercises strictly to sculpt and define your behind. It really is a great book with photos and step by step guide to doing the exercises, trust me it is well worth buying. I have done the exercises just for toning although I have a very curvy butt to begin with, I found the exercises to be the best for that part of the body.
  • It is not the same to increase weight and to get curves. It is not the same to get fattening foods and to get bigger butt with shape.
  • Fattening foods will increase your mass and fat over all your body with undesired belly, love handles and possibly cellulite, certainly not the way to go.
  • A balanced and well planned program of eating the right things, making the right exercises targeting the area and use of supplements carefully and moderated, will provide the results desired. You can make your own plan through a good research in books and seeking professional advice or you can use ready-made treatments and programs, etc. Just always take care that the plan has professional backup and if possible scientific or medical support if any kind of pill is involved as well as professional trainers support if it is a purely exercise-based plan.