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youre own vomit, it is important to reabsorb any nutrients you may have lost through the vomit.

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Q: What should you eat when having vomiting?
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What causes cramping stomach vomiting when having a bowel movement?

Symptoms of a cramping stomach and vomiting when having a bowel movement should be addressed by a physician. This may be a stomach virus or it may have a more serious meaning and should be evaluated.

What foods should you eat having ADHD and being on Strattera?

what foods should you eat having adhd

What should you eat the day after being sick as in vomiting diarrhea and fever?

Soup and drink plenty of liquids

If you have a fever should you eat lots of food or stop eating?

The old adage is "Feed a fever, starve a cold", so if you believe this, you should eat a lot. Edited Question if you eat a lot in a fever you'll will have nausea or vomiting

Should you exercise after vomiting?

No ! I made that mistake , you should not exercise after vomiting as it causes nausea and stomach cramps.

How do you eat frozen yogurt with out having a brain freeze?

You should eat the frozen yogurt slowly.

Your dog does not eat what should you do to make it eat?

small pourtions are okay but if u fource feed it will probly vomit so i would take it to a vet but if its vomiting and having diarriah you can put a spoon of water under his toung every 30-1 hour if you got any more qoustions feel free to ask me :-)

What is the cause of vomiting of air frequently and what should the remedy for this?

stop vomiting it is gross

What can't I eat after having wisdom teeth removed?

You can eat after having your wisdom teeth removed, but you should eat food that aren't crunchy, such as mashed potatoes, pudding, and milkshakes.

When should I eat a banana and protein shake After my workout?

You should eat a banana and a protein shake after workout after refreshing and having a shower.

Your kitten is not having bowel movements and is vomiting and losing weight could he be constipated or something more serious?

You should take your kitty to the vet asap!

Can dogs eat candy corn?

Probably not , they have had results of vomiting and having bad tummy aches so it is best NOT to feed your dog or others dogs candy corn! -Sydney