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If you're an American, you should at least know where Maine is. It is part of New England, in the farthest Northeast corner of the country ("Down East"), along the Atlantic coast, just south of Montreal, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. For more on Maine, see other questions in the Maine History FAQ.

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Q: What should you know about Maine?
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What ocean would you swim in if you lived in Maine?

the atlantic ocean i should know i live in Maine

Where does a Maine coon come from?

Well Maine of course! All I know is that they are native to Maine.

Was Maine part of any battle or war?

Maine was in several wars as the 22nd Maine and the 20th Maine were regiments in the Civil War and the 20th Maine was commanded by Joshua Chamberlain, who any self-respecting Mainer should know. Also there is the 101st Refueling Wing in Bangor. Google Fort Kent,Fort Fairfield.

What are the windiest months in Maine?

need to know the months in maine that are the windiest?

What was a reason for creating the state of Maine in1820?

maine wanted to be free.....who is this thepage guy is maine in the usa who should be president should maine build a wall..... to pertact then self again thire emeny why is maine so poor. are we slave.

Is Maine a state or city?

Maine is a state. I know this for a fact because I did a big report on it!

Who is Andrew Clements married too?

Andrew Clements when you were a boy and you went to Maine and you stayed at the cabin at Maine by the lake did you know how to fly fish? Andrew Clements when you were a boy and you went to Maine and you stayed at the cabin at Maine by the lake did you know how to fly fish?

What is Maine's seal?

i dont know this

What viking may have visited Maine?

Not that I know of, no Vikings visited Maine (until discovered). As of December 21st 2009, I say no to Vikings in Maine

Should a Maine Coon be groomed three times a week?

No Maine coons should be groomed once a day for good hygiene.

Does Maine have the death penalty?

No but they should

When you go to Maine what should you visit?

old orchard beach buddy nice place in maine.

Who are the founding leaders of Maine?

the founding leaders in Maine are .............i don't really know but you can look it up on google

How long is Maine?

know body knows it yet

What is northeast of Maine?

I don't know it either... sorry.

What town in Maine is home to fort knox?

Ft Knox Maine, a park, is in Prospect Maine, and should not be confused with the US Army post or the US Gold Depository in Kentucky.

What should I visit while in Maine?

There are a lot of good restaurants in Maine and you should be able to find a business with sightseeing tours available. There are also a lot of area malls to shop.

Is Washington D.C. Maine a state?

No, Washington DC Maine doesn't exist. Washington DC is a city, the seat of government for our marvelous country. Maine is a beautiful state, the northeasternmost state in the union. Life in Maine is the way life should be.

Do you know what a maine coon is?

large long haired cat

Are there still oysters on the Maine shoreline?

Yes there are but I don't know where they are.

What are people like in Maine?

u never know...depends who they are... :)

What are two large cities in Maine?

i don't know that is why i am asking answer.

How did Maine get its state name?

i dont know could you tell me??

When did WWE come to maine?

I know they came in september in 2012

What is the best time of year to go to Maine for lobster?

In the middle of the summer to the late summer. i would know because i live in maine.. and i am a fisherman.