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When shopping for a diamond, you should look for cut, color, clarity, carat weight, sparkle and fire.

The cut of a diamond, otherwise known as the shape, does not really affect the value of the diamond unless there are flaws in the cut. Whether you choose an emerald cut, a brilliant cut, a marquis cut or a pear cut is really up to your personal preferences.

The color of a diamond does affect its value. You should look for a colorless diamond if possible. Champagne diamonds, or diamonds that have a yellowish color are less valuable than diamonds that are clear or white.

The carat weight definitely affects the value of a stone. How much you spend on a diamond will be greatly determined by its carat weight. The average carat weight of an engagement ring is about 1-1.5 carats.

Sparkle and fire are also important characteristics and the more sparkle and fire a diamond has, the more a jeweler will be able to charge for it.

AdditionOne important aspect not mentioned in the above is the importance of a grading report and the lab from which the grading report is obtained. Unless you are a trained Gemologist working in a grading lab environment, there is no way to precisely tell the 4C's of a diamond. Small variations in clarity, color, cut and carat weight can make a huge difference in the end retail value. Protect yourself by purchasing a diamond that comes with a grading report from a well known, reputable lab like the Gemological Institute of America. There are many different labs that provide grading reports but very few are recognized around the world for quality and accuracy like GIA.


Take the time to educate yourself as to the qualities of a diamond, so that you know fully that the money you spend will buy you a diamond that will retain its value over time. In this order, look for the highest clarity, the top colour, the quality of the cut, then the carat weight.

Without endorsement, you can review the site, below, to learn more.

This suggestion seconds the GIA certificate, above, and you may also want to obtain a conflict-free certificate, which is today's best insurance against your funding terrorism by purchasing a blood diamond.

If, however, you'd prefer simply to buy 'bling', or 'flash', you can let those qualities be your guide.

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Before purchasing a diamond, you must take into account the 4 C's; cut, carat weight, clarity and color so you can make an informed and knowledgeable decision. You have many choices such as a marquise cut, round cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, pear, princess and cushion cut. You must also make sure that the diamond is certified so you know what you are paying for.

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Q: What should you look for when buying a diamond?
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