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use greensand and compost. Add composted cow manure to a rate of one fifty pound bag per 100 square feet of garden and till it under. POOF! instant rich soil without too much nitrogen. Add some lime and epsom salt too.

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What do you feed a horse when it lacks minerals?

i think you should feed it yogurt bites. they are rich in minerals .

What determins the height and ability for plants to grow?

In aquariums as in your garden, rich minerals, light, space, and a lack of herbivores.

Is Pakistan rich in minerals?

yes Pakistan is very rich in minerals.......

How does the subsoil become rich in minerals?

The subsoil becomes rich in minerals as minerals from the topsoil leach down into the subsoil.

Why is Africa rich in minerals?

Africa is rich in minerals due to the old igneous rocks.

What are mined from rich deposits of minerals and processed to make useful things?

Gemsthe answer is gems

What is mined from rich deposits of minerals and processed to make useful things?

Ore is mined

What is a sentence for rich?

A millionaire is a rich person. A garden should be planted in rich soil.

What type of foods are rich in minerals?

Water would be full of minerals. Also anything that contains water would be rich in minerals. For example orange juice. Fish is another good example of food that would be rich in minerals.

Why does lava make the ground fertile?

When it cools, lava contains minerals and rich ingredients to make plants grow.

Where are these minerals available in Asia?

Eastern Asia is rich with minerals.

Is hades rich?

Hades is very rich with the Earth's minerals.

What are fertile soils rich in?


What is the term for soil rich in minerals deposited by flooding rivers?

Soil rich in minerals deposited by flooding rivers is called silt.

Where can you find spinach?

In a fruit and vegetable shop, or in a supermarket. In your vegetable garden, if you have planted any. In your refrigerator, if you have bought some. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable, rich in vitamins and minerals.

What is rich in humus and minerals for growing plants?

Both humus and minerals contain nitrogen for growth of plants. Alluvial soils are rich in humus and minerals making them good for growth of plants.

Why is there mining in Australia?

the reson there is mining in Australia is because Australia is rich in minerals and it is a goob way to make money.

Why do newly formed volcanic islands have a rich supply of minerals?

Volcanic islands have a rich supply of minerals because when a volcano erupts it produces lava (magma) and that lava has lots of rocks and minerals in it.

Mussel shell is rich in?

vitamins and minerals :)

What is dairy rich in?

Calcium, iron and minerals.

How is Russia rich?

Russia is a very large country. It is hugely rich in natural resources such as oil, coal and minerals. It has been "living" off this wealth for many years. It is Russia's natural resources that make it "rich"

Should rich people help poor people?

They should, but you cant make them

Why is chotanagpur plateau rich in minerals?

this is because it is small

Why is Africa rich in resource?

Africa has minerals and oil

Which African country is rich in minerals?

South Africa

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