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I know I let you down by telling you something that was not the truth and I apologize for that. I will never do that again and want to know how I can make it up to you and earn your trust back.

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What do you say when you want to apologize to someone?


How do you say apologize in Spanish?

Disculpar - to apologize or to excuse (the infinitive verb) If you want to say excuse me, present tense: ¡Discúlpeme!

What if a boy hurt you and didnt say sorry?

You should apologize.

What if your best friend insults you some times and she called to apologize but you didnt answer should you have If you did what should you say?

having insults by your best friend is not cool and then when she/he rings to say sorry then why would they say it. If you were to answer the phone i would say why did you say that/ why did you want to say that or if you say things like that then why are you calling to apologize but dont sound to harsh about it but the best thing to do is not ignore the call but answer and say you boundries and say how you feel ( GOOD LUCK ) x

What do you say when you want to apologize for something in Spanish?

Te pido disculpas. OR Perdóname.

What should you say to your girlfriend if you are fighting and she might break up with you and you don't want to break up?

Take blame & be a little more sensitive,apologize

How do you say you lied in french?

you lied: tu as menti - you lied to me: tu m'as menti

Should you say sorry for telling a girl you like her?

Of course not. Why would you apologize for giving a compliment?

What should you say to him when he tries to punishment with the silent treatment when he gets upset with you?

Just apologize for whatever you did.

What if your boyfriend doesnt believe what you say because you lied to him ounce what should I do?

What if your boyfriend doesn't believe what you say because you lied to him once? what should I do? Was your boyfriend trusting and good before you lied? Was the thing you lied about big enough to warrant his mistrust? If you lied to him about something big, or if you have a habit of lying to him about things, then you need to earn back his trust. If you broke his trust then it is yours to fix. If, however, you lied to him about whether or not you ate the last piece of pie and he says he cannot trust you, then you may need to reevaluate whether or not you are with a quality person.

How do you say did you lie on me?

I say do I lied

Should i apologize to him I told him i liked him but he hasn't emailed back for a long while now I thought he might feel weird and awkward that i told him so i thought if i should apologize?

Speak to him in person if you can but don't feel you should apologize, you've expressed your feelings to him and he needs to deal with it. :) agreed and if i were u i would say you should talk to him in persin and tell him that you do like him, and say i am glaad to get my feelings out and if u dont feel the same way then fine

What is the definition of apologize?

To say you are sorry.

What to do when you miss your ex that you broke up with?

you apologize with whatever happened and you say that you really messed up and want to start over

Is it correct to say Accept my most sincere apologize for being late?

The correct form is: Accept my most sincere apologies for being late. Please, accept my apologies for being late. So is the plural form of apology, which is apologies. If you want to use the verb form, it would be: I want to apologize for being late. I apologize for being late.

Why do your friends never ever believe you about anything you say?

Most likely they have trust issues of their own, unless you've lied a lot to them in the past. Also they might have been lied to in the past and don't want to be lied to be lied to in the past about the same thing or they think that the thing is impossible. Sorry if you guys are in a fight because of it.

How should you tell to a guy you don't like him?

2 options: -Be honest and say you don't like him and apologize. -Lie and say you like somebody else. I'd rather choose the first one if you want to stay friends with the guy. Good luck!

How can you get a friend back if they think you lied?

All you have to say is sorry and say it was a mistake and you have to be jolly around them because then they will realize that you do actually care about them and they will be your friend again. This is from my experiences.You can also tell them to sit and talk with you. Set the story straight. Also show them that you can still trust them. And apologize. :)

How can you become friends with someone that is mad at you?

Well for starters, if you did something mean or wrong to cause the person to be mad at you, you should apologize. If you don't believe you did anything wrong you should talk it out with them and just say hey, I don't know why you re upset but I want to work through this because I want to be your friend.

How do say you lied in Japanese?


How do you say lied in spanish?


How do you say i apologize in french?

je m'excuse

How should you apologize to your best friend you were in love with?

Say Im sorry i cant help how I feel about You but I hope we can still be friends

Should you say sorry to a guy that you want back since you screwed up?

Yes. You do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You screwed up and even if he don't accept you back, the least you can do is apologize. The same should apply to him if he mistreated you.

What do you do if you have lost a friend and you want that friend back?

The first thing that you should do is apologize for what you did wrong. If you don't know what you did wrong then say," I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I still want to be friends with you." If they don't forgive you then you should try and apologize with something more than an apology. Like tell them something about them that only you know, that will show that you guys are true friends. Like say it's something as simple as a favorite color, if you remember what it is then that shows that you remember the littlest details of them. Say that you don't want to lose them as a friend, and you understand that what you did or said wasn't right or necessarily nice. If they don't forgive you, no worries, you will always make more friends.

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