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Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs... fingers, penis... Please avoid sticking other objects in your butt, you can do damage.

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What can a goose do that a duck can't do and a lawyer should do?

Stick his bill up his butt.

How do you stick it up the butt?


Can you stick a bubble pen up your butt?


Can you get pregnant if you stick a toothbrush up your vagina or butt?

My sis wanted to know- sheโ€™s 18 lol

How far can you stick a stick up your butt?

25 feet, thanks for asking!

What was the name of the first region to develop in mesopotamia?

I think u should stick some chicken up your butt

How do you anal solo?

Stick your fingers up your butt.

Should you let your girl friend stick her finger in your butt?


Should you use a stick to spank a child butt?


Who likes to take it up the butt the most?

I hear that J Lo likes it up the butt. I know I'd stick it in there.

What is Philemon's famous funniest joke?

Question: What can a goose do, a duck can't, and a lawyer should?Answer: Stick his bill up his butt.

Who discovered Advil?

if you stick advil up your butt you snezz it out

What household things can you stick up your butt?

Hot dog

Is it dangerous to stick a curling ion up your butt?


Does the butt grows when they stick a penis up a girl butt?

If your dick is big, then yes, if your dick is small then no.

Can you stick figers up a fanny?

Who the heck would want to answer a question like that? Although you can stick your fingers up someones butt.

Does it feel good to stick a finger up your butt?

veryy goood!

How do you make brackets in math on Microsoft word?

you stick it up your butt

What things can men stick up there butt?

Anything that would fit

Why do dogs stick there butt in humans face?

Because they think you should put their penis into you butt If they are female that means they want to have sex with you

Can a guy stick a tampon up his butt?

Yes, now what's the purpose?

How do you get a bear in viva pinata?

you need to stick a cucuber up ur butt

What does a doctor stick up your butt?

They will stick their finger and a camera in while doing a digital rectal exam or prostate exam

Why did a boy stick his penis up your butt if im a boy?

He was having anal sex with you. If you had not consented to this then you should not have allowed it to happen. If he forced you, then this was Rape. You should report it immediately to the Police as it is illegal.

What did john adams do before the revolutionary war?

stick your finger up your butt and find out

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