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What should you study in college if you want to become a physical therapist?

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There should be a physical therapy program at your college for you to go into.

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After high school how long does it take to be a physical therapist?

After high school (if you start college right away) it should take about 4 years to become a physical therapist.

What kind of education do you need and how long does it take to become a physical therapist?

One should have atleast 4 years of education for them to become a physical therapist. All states requrie Physical therapist to pass a licensure exam before they can practice any type of therapy.

If you already have a BA liberal arts degree and want to become a physical therapist should you became an aide first and then go on to the graduate degree?

no research what college will accept the degree and get a master's if possible. if not, go to a college that will accept your college credits.

What should you study in high school if you want to become a physical therapist?

you should study science of sports and chemistry, biology and physics

What type of skills do physical therapist need?

Physical therapist should be able to be sociable and very patient. They should be able to understand their patient's problems and be easy to work with.

What should you study in high school if you want to become a physical therapist in performing arts medicine?

Check out U can find your answer there

What credentials do I look for when choosing a physical therapist?

Your physical therapist should have good education as well as a significant amount of experience. You should also find other patients comments or reviews.

Should you become a Physical Therapist or a Police officer?

If you enjoy helping and encouraging people, physical therapy is a great job. If you enjoy physically and mentally challenging work while upholding the law, become a police officer.

What kind of education plan should I choose, to become an Art Therapist?

You should apply to Arts & Sciences department of a college. Then you can sign up for all the artistic courses to improve your skills.

What should the therapist always do after working with the feet?

After working with the feet the therapist should always wash their hands. It depends on what you are seeing the therapist for in the first place as to what to do for you after they work on your feet. This is most likely referring to a physical therapist in which you have physical therapy. If you aren't sure that you're getting the right treatment, talk to your doctor who referred you to therapy.

How do you relieve pain from scoliosis?

You should go to a Physical Therapist and exercise daily.

What subjects should you take to become a therapist?

It depends on which type of therapist. There are many different kinds of therapists to include, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psycho therapists, speech therapists etc., each having their own specific requirements.

Should I get a therapist for my depression?

This is a Joke!

What do you have to study at high school to become a physical education teacher?

You should be in a regular college prep program. You should attempt to be involved in as many sports as possible.

What type of physical therapy should be done after an acl replacement surgery?

After having an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) replacement surgery, your surgeon should send you to a physical therapist. The job of the physical therapist is to prescribe different exercises in order to properly heal after the surgery. The exact physical therapy program will differ between each patient, based on their individual results. Also, the length of your physical therapy program will depend on how you progress through the different exercises. It is important to see a physical therapist after surgery to make sure that your body heals properly. If your surgeon for some reason does not send you to a physical therapist, make sure to request one.

What college should you go to to become a doctor?

You can basically go to any college to become a doctor.

How long should you do physical therapy for a sprained ankle?

I would consult your physical therapist about how long you need to see them based upon their examination of you injury.

How does horseback riding help kids with spina bifida?

Any physical activity should help. Ask the therapist.

Where can one obtain a massage therapy certification?

To become a certified massage therapist one must take a course in university or a specialized college, or take up an apprenticeship in this area. Requirement should be considered when looking into this.

What personality should you have to become a Occupational Therapist?

you should be both very patient a creative, and still lead your clients firmly to their goad

Should Obama become the mascot of a college?


Vocational school for physical therapist assistant?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for physical therapist assistants.Most physical therapy aides are trained on the job, while almost all physical therapist assistants earn an associate degree from an accredited physical therapist assistant program. Most States require licensing for physical therapist assistants.Education and training. Employers typically require physical therapy aides to have a high school diploma. They are trained on the job, and most employers provide clinical on-the-job training.In most States, physical therapist assistants are required by law to hold an associate degree. The American Physical Therapy Association's Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accredits postsecondary physical therapy assistant programs. In 2009, there were 223 accredited programs, which usually last 2 years and culminate in an associate degree.Programs are divided into academic coursework and hands-on clinical experience. Academic coursework includes algebra, English, anatomy and physiology, and psychology. Clinical work includes certifications in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other first aid, and field experience in treatment centers. Both educators and prospective employers view clinical experience as essential to ensuring that students understand the responsibilities of a physical therapist assistant.Licensure. Licensing is not required to practice as a physical therapy aide. However, most States regulate physical therapist assistants through licensure, registration, or certification. Most States require physical therapist assistants to graduate from an accredited education program and pass the National Physical Therapy Exam. Some States may require physical therapy assistants to pass State exams. Many States also require continuing education credits for physical therapist assistants to maintain licensure. Complete information on regulations can be obtained from State licensing boards.Other qualifications. Physical therapist assistants and aides should be well-organized, detail oriented, and caring. They should be able to take direction and work well in a team situation. They usually have strong interpersonal skills and a desire to help people in need.Advancement. Some physical therapist aides advance to become therapist assistants after gaining experience and completing an accredited education program.Some physical therapist assistants advance their knowledge and skills in a variety of clinical areas after graduation. The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes physical therapist assistants who have gained additional skills in geriatric, pediatric, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, integumentary, and cardiopulmonary physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants may also advance in non-clinical areas, like administrative positions. These positions might include organizing all the assistants in a large physical therapy organization or acting as the director for a specific department such as aquatic therapy. Physical therapist assistants may also pursue a career in teaching at an accredited physical therapist assistant academic program.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer section.

What type of abilities is needed for physical therapist job?

Physical therapists should have strong interpersonal skills so that they can educate patients about their physical therapy treatments and communicate with patients' families. Physical therapists also should be compassionate and possess a desire to help patients.

WHY John had a stroke and is having difficulty sitting and walking. Which medical professional should he consult to improve his physical abilities?

physical therapist

Pursuing the Work of a Physical Therapist?

One of the most rewarding healthcare jobs is work as a physical therapist. Physical therapists help people regain normal use of their muscles and limbs. Physical therapists enjoy seeing how their skills benefit patients. The following contains information on the health care job of physical therapist. When a person has a serious illness or other medical condition that limits their movement they seek the help of a physical therapist. It's the responsibility of a physical therapist to evaluate a patient's physical challenges and devise a plan of therapy that will be of benefit. For instance, if a patient has had a long illness that has weakened his legs a physical therapist can guide the person in different leg-strengthening therapies. A physical therapist works with a patient's doctors and nurses to figure out exactly what sort of assistance to offer. There are also physical therapy assistants and other aides who help a physical therapist with patients. Students study in a physical therapist education program. A portion of the study program involves courses in biology, exercise physiology, pathology, and others. The program also includes clinical courses with a focus on the diagnostic process, outcomes assessment, and more. Physical therapists are also licensed. They need to complete an accredited program, pass a national exam, and fulfill state requirements. A prospective physical therapy student should speak with an advisor at a school that offers a physical therapy education to learn about any other requirements. In addition to completing all of the necessary courses and training, a physical therapist must be skilled at working with patients. Not surprisingly, some patients will be reluctant to participate in physical therapy. A physical therapist must have the patience and dedication necessary to cope with patients who are uncooperative. A physical therapist who is personable and respectful with patients will have better success in gently guiding a person into participating in important physical therapy sessions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median annual salary for a physical therapist (in May 2008) was $72,790. Salaries of physical therapists vary depending on work environments (hospitals, clinics, private homes) and a therapist's experience.