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What should you use to sharpen a machete?

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If a bench grinder is not available, take a medium course file, and run the file in a forward motion down one side, then the other side of the blade, till the sharpness is to your satisfaction, drawing the file back after the forward motion will make it shiny, but won't sharpen it. I use a diamond faced chisel sharpening rectangle.

2009-08-13 15:28:45
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How is a machete use in Cuba?

A machete is used to cut down sugar cane.

How do you use the word sharpen in sentence?

I need to sharpen the knife.Education will sharpen your knowledge.

Is it good to use a machete to cut bamboo?

A machete is a good tool to use when cutting bamboo. There are several types of machetes. The choice for cutting bamboo would be The Heavy Machete.

How to sharpen a disposable razor.?

Use a match box and sharpen on the striker.

Can you use Machete in as sentence?

To travel through dense underbrush, you must hack it away with your machete.

How do you use sharpen in a sentence?

It is wiser to sharpen your wit, instead of your tongue. I would like to sharpen my pencil, please.

How do you properly sharpen a knife with a steel?

We can sharpen our knives by the use of metal file

If you need to sharpen your pencil and you dont have a pencil sharpener what should you do?

Use a knife but be careful when cutting

How often should I sharpen the blade on my circular saw?

It is recommended that you should sharpen your circular saw about once a year. However if you are a heavy user of your circular saw then you should sharpen once every six months.

How often should you sharpen titanium coated clipper blades?

This really depends on how often you are using it, and what you are using them for. Typically though, you would probably sharpen it once a month with "regular" use.

How do you shrink an image on gimp 2.6?

You can select the part of the image you want to sharpen and click on the sharpen tool or you can just click on the sharpen tool and use the brush to sharpen certain areas.

What nicknames does Charles Kowalski Machete go by?

Charles Kowalski Machete goes by Elmo Machete, and CK Machete.

What is the best way to sharpen chisels?

Use a grinding stone to get an even edge then sharpen with an oil stone

Do I need to sharpen a shovel that I am using for gardening?

It is a good idea to do it; you can use either a file or whetstone to sharpen it.

Should you remove your pubic hairs with razor?

No. A machete is preferable.

How do you sharpen swords?

you use a grind stone

How do you sharpen a chisel?

You can use rocks or knives.

Why should you use the unsharp mask filter on a photo in adobe photoshop?

Use unsharp mask to sharpen picture and bring more details to an image.

Did Lindsay Lohan use a body double in machete?


How do you sharpen a cutting tool for a lathe?

You should know the angle of the cutting tool. You can use emery sharp cutting tool.

How do Ekwefi and Ezinma harvest the cassava for the feast?

They each take a basket, a machete and a hoe. They use the hoe to dig out the tubers, and a machete to cut the stems.

How do you use hack in sentence?

I will just use a machete to hack a trail through the jungle to you.

Do you sharpen household knives?

Depending on how often you use them and what you use the to cut.

What do you use to sharpen a cleaver knife?

You need to use a sharpening steel.

What methods was used in cutting meats?

old people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etcold people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etcold people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etc