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What should your handicap be to hit from the white blue and black tees?

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2006-10-02 13:14:49

There's not really any rule. It depends on the course. If you're

playing a busy championship-caliber course and you're a 30 handicap

hacker, don't play the championship tees, whatever color they are.

You'll spend half the afternoon looking for balls and hitting

provisionals. It will slow down play for everybody. On the other

hand, on Wednesday afternoon at West Fencepost Municipal, where the

most serious hazard is those hot dogs that go round and around on

the weenie treadmill, there's no reason not to knock yourself out.

In other words, use good sense. Stand on the back tee at the first

and tenth and ask yourself if it looks like fun or torture. If the

scorecard lists the rating and slope of each set of tees, use it as

a guide. If the slope is under 113 (which is average), go for it.

Slopes over, say, 130 are for pretty serious golfers. And if you

get four holes in and find out you made a mistake, change.

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