What shows the names of people whom employers agree not to hire?

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You may be refering to the "blacklist", which if someone's name is on it, they are regarded as "blacklisted". However, it is not a literally existing list, like an actual piece of paper.

It's just that people in a given industry know each other, so if you upset one of them, they mention it to their friends, and when you seek a job with them they remember, and so don't hire you.
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What is the current situation in Australia with regards to employers hiring HIV and AIDS positive people?

AIDS in Oz . \nExtract from an Aussie AIDS advocacy site: "As an HIV positive person, you have many legal rights that protect you from discrimination. You cannot be refused

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Do employers have complete freedom to hire anyone whom they wish?

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Which employers hire people with misdemeanors?

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Why do employers want to hire people?

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