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Almost anything will go with it. Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, any type of vegetables, with a nice tossed green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, celery, and a pack of mixed seeds and raisins that can be found in the veggie department at your large grocery stores. Then put your dressing on the salad just before your serve it and toss it well. For dessert have something light and refreshing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with serving strawberries, watermelon or any other refreshing fruit to clean the palate. I do this when having guests and learned this from a Chinese friend of mine. It works! Usually with greasy foods a nice cold plate of cut up fruit is a wonderful treat and you can have your dessert later. With just plain sausage? try frying up some peppers,onions and mushrooms,and mixing them with marinara sauce,and maybe a dash of worchestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce,some crushed garlic(or garlic powder).put the cooked sausages in Portugese rolls and use the above mixture for a topping,sprinkle some shredded cheese on top, and you have top notch sausage grinders! This is not a direct answer to your question,but maybe this will help.for more tips, try entering this question into your search bar. My best dish with sausage is red beans and rice. We serve it every day and its my favorite.

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Q: What side dish goes with sausage?
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What side dish goes with Polish sausage?

Sauerkraut and/or potatoes

What side dish goes with cherry sausage?

Three bean salad is very tasty with sausage.

What side dish goes with polish sausage and sauerkraut?

Mashed potatoes

What side dish goes well with smoked spare ribs?

Potato salad works great as a side dish!

What side dish goes good with tacos?

Guacamole dip is an excellent side dish for Mexican food.

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Tomato soup

What is a good side dish that goes with spaghetti?

Small side salad and garlic bread... :)

What side dish goes with steamed cabbage?

Boiled carrots defenetly!

What side dish goes with Tandoori Chicken?

A nice mango salad....

What side dish goes with stromboli's?

AM taking a guess. bread sticks. and cheese?

What is national dish of Montenegro?

Mashed potato and pork sausage

Can you help me find a sausage recipe?

The Italian sausage and pepper medley is a good recipe if you would like a spicy sausage dish. You can also try the Pappardelle Mushroom and sausage recipes as well.

What side dish goes with cottage roll?

I always cook cabbage and red potatoes with it.

What side dish goes good with meat pie?

A salad or any green vegetable.

What side dish goes best with eggplant-zucchini ratatouille?

Skip another side-dish, make the ratatouille at least 2 days in advance and have it with a roast dinner - preferably beef.

What side dish goes best with beef and bean chili?

egg and chilli refried beans

What side dish goes with chicken cordon blue?

Steamed Asparagus, with Holindaise sauce, and Jasmin/rosemary rice. 13.95 at my restaurant. Great dish


a salad located in the side of the dish

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