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you follow the same rule as if you were driving in a car

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the side that the traffic is flowing.

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Q: What side of the street should you ride a bike?
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What do you ride your bike on the side of the street?

The sidewalk??

Can you ride a motorcross bike in town if you're on the side of the street or in the bike lane in Colorado?

it depends on if you have it licensed and have insurance on it.

Can you ride a mini bike on sidewalks in Chicago?

Its illegal to ride bike on side walks. But if you want to, then you can ride but slowly taking care of pedestrians.

What side of the street do you ride on in Canada?

You ride on the same side as the cars and trucks do. The right side of the road

Is it legal to drive a 47cc pocket bike on the side walk in Wisconsin and if of is how old do you have to be?

No. It is not legal to drive any kind of bicycle on the sidewalk. You must ride it on the street. You have to register it and be fourteen if you want to take it on the street.

Can you ride your 49cc pocket bike on a public side walk?

no it is illegal

Is it illegal to ride a dirt bike on the side of the road in north carlinna?


Can you ride dirt bike on side walk?

You may want to know if you can ride your dirt bike on a sidewalk. Anyone that has one ask police first. Then make sure no ones on the sidewalk then maybe you can. You can be asking if you have permission to ride a dirt bike on the side walk, or if the dirt bike will function right on the sidewalk. Like the above comment you have to ask a cop and not ride when to much people are there. The bike will function right but might jump high if you go over a bump.

What is bike safety for kids?

Always ride your bike in the direction of the traffic, never the other way. Additionally, they ought to be driven on the right side of the road. Bicyclists must comprehend and abide by all crossing signals, traffic lights, and street signs. You can take instructions from any bike shops in London.

Can you ride a bike on the street?

Most US states consider bicycles to be vehicles and require that they be ridden in the street, on the right side of the road along with other vehicular traffic - unless there is a designated bicycle lane. The same goes for most countries, except where applicable they must be ridden on the left side of the road.

What you can do in harbor bridge in sydney australia?

walk on it,ride your bike on it,or walk on the north side of the bridge, which is the side where pedestriands can walk.

Can you ride a min bike in Texas on the side walk?

No, not even pedal bikes are allowed on sidewalks.