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Russia was on the Allies side during ww1

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What side Serbia fought?

In WW1,Serbia fought on the alliance side with Russia

Russia side in ww1?

yeah man sorry about that my freind was messin. russia was on the allies side, i believe. for both world wars

Who did the Japanese side with during ww1?

The allies - Britain, France Russia, ect

Why did Britain declare war on russia ww1?

Britain did NOT declare war on Russia in WW1. Russia was an ally of Britain in that war (and WW2).

What side did us fight on during ww1?

We were on the allies side. The countries that made the allies were France, Russia,Italy,America,Belgium ,and Serbia.

When did Russia leave WW1?


How Russia affected by the ww1?

they were hungry

Why did russia pull out of ww1?

they were to gay

Why did Russia enter WW1?

Russia wanted to protect the Slavic peoples of Serbia

What was the effect of Russia leaving World War 1?

russia had won the ww1

Did russia drop out of WW1?

no they helped win it

How long was Russia in ww1?

4 months

What country left ww1 in 1917?


Which county has the most soldiers in ww1?


Was Finland part of russia after ww1?


When did russia quit ww1?

The end of 1917.

Outline the alliances formed in the First World War compared to the World War 2?

Britain, France, Russia & the US are common to the Allies in both WW1 & WW2. They are opposed by Germany in both wars. In WW1 Italy & Japan were both on the side of the Allies, in WW2 they were on Germanys' side. Turkey was on the side of Germany in WW1 & Neutral in WW2. Austria/Hungary was on the side of Germany in WW1 & were also on Germanys' side in WW2, (although it might be said by force rather than choice.) although they were then 2 separate countries.

Who was on britains side in world war 1?

Russia France, the US and Canada were the major fighters on Britain's side in WW1 if you would like to find out who else fought you can always Google it

How did Russia pulling out of World War 1 help the Germans?

well since the DGermans were pretty much surround because they had Russia on one side and France on the other as soon as Russia left ww1 the Germans had more room to move

Triple entente in ww1?

UK, France and Russia

When did Russia join ww1?

1914. But they left in 1917.

Which country suffered the biggest loss in ww1?


Which country had the largest army during ww1?


Who ruled Russia in WW1?

Tsar Nicholas ll

Leader of Russia at the end of the ww1?

Vladimir Lenin.