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What significance does the number 450 have in the Bible?


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The number 450 in the bible represented Israel's inheritance in Canaan. The spies that were sent out to inspect Canaan entered the land exactly 450 days after the Israelite new year had begun from the year previous. When the Israelites left Egypt, they did so on the 15th of Abib, which was 14 days after they had started their new Hebrew calendar. Fast forward 450 days from the beginning of their calender and you have the spies entering the Promised Land to inspect it. Check out Bible Prophecy Numbers to the timeline: Bible Prophecy Numbers, "Timeline of Events at the Exodus in Bible Prophecy,"

The spies returned 40 days later and gave an evil report of the land, which caused the Israelites to roam through the desert another 38 years. Why 38? Because they had already been in the desert for nearly 2 years, so they were punished with losing a year for every day of the 40 days they had been in Canaan but had refused to have faith and enter into their inheritance. In Joshua 14:9-11, we are told that it took the Israelites another five years to conquer the land and receive their inheritance, which meant that it took a total of 45 years to obtain their inheritance in the Promised Land (starting from their year 0 in Egypt). The Israelites ended up paying 10% down (45 is 10% of 450) on their inheritance in Canaan because of their unbelief. They paid that down in their lives, as none of the unbelievers who followed the report of the 10 evil spies. Therefore, the number 45 and 450 are connected to receiving or being denied ones inheritance.

The 450 prophets of Baal had turned the inheritance of the Israelites back into an inheritance for the Canaanites, as Baal was their god his kingdom had turned the Promised Land into a desert. Therefore, just as Joshua and Caleb had to remove the giants and the evil Canaanites from the Promised Land, Elijah had to return to the Promised Land (he was in Canaan for 3.5 years while the land dried up) and cast down those who had restored the old gods to Israel. Once they were destroyed, the rains returned and the land once again became an inheritance unto the Israelites.

There are other examples as well, which can be found in the book "Inheritance: the Full Redemption."