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What signs will a car have to indicate that transmission needs to be flushed?

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transmission oil will be dirty, blckish and more than likely smell like it is burned

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Where do I go to get my transmission fluid changed?

If you are seeing signs that your transmission needs to be changed. Then you can go to any local garages to have them change it for you. But, it could be a number of any problems.

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What are the signs of an automatic transmission probelm?

There can be a number of problems that indicate that a transmission is failing; 1. slipping 2. failure to go into gear 3. leaking 4. noises 5. failure to shift at the right speed

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The signs of a bad transmission in a Mazda might include hard shifting or a refusal to shift into certain gears. A revving of the motor during the shift can also be a sign of a bad transmission.

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What are some signs that I should be aware of so I can know when an auto transmission is starting to slip?

Signs to be alert to that could indicate a slipped transmission are leaking transmission fluid and whining engine noise. If your RPM gauge exceeds 3500, that's a clear sign. If the car won't accelerate quickly, or coasts for a long time with your foot off the accelerator, those are signs. Your accelerator vibrates or produces an acrid smell. Tour car may also pause when put into reverse. You are in big danger when the accelerator is pushed, the engine revs up, but it doesn't move.

What are signs of a transmission fluid filter being plugged up?

the car won't move, or will move a little then stop, <><><><><> Of course, if the filter is plugged up, then something is plugging it - most probably metal and fiber particles from the transmission itself - and it needs overhaul.

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