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Q: What simple machine is a hand mixer?
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Related questions

Is a manual hand mixer a simple machine?

yes a manual hand mixer is a simple machine because when they put it together there are gears and levers in the hand machine

A mixer is what type of simple machine?

What type of simple machines in a manual hand mixer

What kind of simple machine is a manual hand mixer?


What simple machine is a mixer?

a wheel and axle

WHAT Type of simple machine is a hand pump for a well?

A hand pump is not a simple machine. A simple machine is the lever, pulley and screw also might include the wheel and axle, wedge and inclined plane. A hand pump would have some valves for lifting the water.

What are the simple machine in a hand drill?


What kind of simple machine is a hand held lever?

Not a machine but a tool, a wrench.

What is spade in simple machine?

It's a hand shovel .

What kind of simple machine is a hand saw?


What type of simple machine is a window hand crank?

a wheel and axle

What's the difference between a blender and a mixer?

The difference between a blender and a mixer is a blender is where you put all your ingrediants into the large cup like container that fits onto the machine that has the buttons you press to mix, blend and so on. A mixer is a hand held machine that yoiu attach two metal extensions that are used as mixing tools. You get all your ingredients into a mixing bowl and grab your mixer and play the extension part into the bowl and turn on the mixer. The two extensions will rotate quickly therefore mixing the ingredients that you have in the bowl.

What type of simple machine is a hand drill?

hand drill machine is a hand tool used to make holes on hard surfaces with the help of a rotating drill bit as its cutting edge

What simple machine make the hand brake work on a bicycle?

The lever.

What simple machine is a hand drill?

inclined realy had to ask that

Is a hand tap tool a screw and if it's not what simple machine is it?

It is a hand tap tool. There is no other fancy name for it !

What simple machine is used in a hand drill?

A common HSS drill bit.

What simple machines are being used by carpenters?

Small Hand Drill, Wood Cutting Machine.

Is it better to use a hand mixer or electric mixer when making cakes?

The benefits of using a hand mixer out-way those of an electric mixer. This is because, even though you may be going slower, the technique of a human arm that is required for perfect cakes, can only be done by hand.

How does a hand mixer work?

A hand mixer works the same way as electric mixers. Hand mixers usually have two large beaters just like electric mixers have. The only difference is that hand mixers work without electricity and you can actually hold the mixer by hand unlike in electric mixers. Hand mixers are usually more lighter in weight compared to electric mixer which is hard to manage sometimes because of its bulky size.

What kind of simple machine is a basketball hoop?

its not a simple machine

Is an airplane a simple machine?

An airplane is not a simple machine. A lever is a simple machine. A wheel is a simple machine. Any machine that can be described by a mathematical formula is a simple machine.

What machine uses beaters?

electric mixer

What simple machine is a drill?

A drill is a hand or electric powered device to bore holes.

Is a fork consider as a simple machine?

if you have hands then yes its pretty simple ok all you gotta do is put it in your hand and then put it in your mouth

What is the simple machine application of the Hand Tap Tool?

The simple application is the turning of the tool in a hole will create a thread for a bolt to travel in.

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