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Google Earth only has a F-16 and SR22 in its Flight Simulator. There are no other simulators or aircraft models built-in to Google Earth. There are some new simulators such as cars being created using the Google Earth API.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-23 10:49:59
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Q: What simulators are there on Google Earth?
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Free train simulators to play online?

Google "train driving games", click the first one and pick a line. (These simulators are in Japan)

Where can i download free flight simulator?

Some free flight simulators include YSFlight, FlightGear, and or Orbiter. Google those names for more information and/or to download. Also, Google Earth comes with a free flight simulator.

Which online flight simulator uses Google Earth?

Quite a few flight simulators use Google Earth. An online example of this would be GEFS Online. GEFS is a free online flight simulator, and can only be used via Google Chrome. Another popular simulator is "Microsofts' Flight Simulator." However, one must buy this software.

Can you save ps2 games on to a PC?

No. If you google hard to can find ps2 simulators you can run on a pc, but it is hard to make them work.

What is the name of Google Earth 3D?

google earth 3d is called google earth 5.0

How do you upload models to Google Earth?

google earth

How often is google earth used?

Google reported in 2011 that there were over a billion downloads of Google Earth. That includes downloads of the Google Earth desktop client, mobile apps and the Google Earth plug-in.

What is a Google Earth plug in?

A Google Earth plug-in is a plug that automatically brings you to Google Earth.Answer#2Actually, the Google Earth plugin is an embedded version of Google Earth that runs within the web browser.

Is there a UFO in Google Earth?

Yes. There Is A UFO On Google Earth.

How does one download Google Earth?

Google Earth can be downloaded quickly and easily from the Google Earth website. Google Earth has images of everywhere form distant galaxies to neighborhoods.

What does one use Google Earth for?

One uses Google Earth to get directions as Google Earth provides geographical information about places on the Earth. Google Earth was released twelve years ago in 2001.

Who is the current CEO of Google Earth?

Google Earth is a product of Google. The CEO of Google is currently Larry Page.

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