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Q: What six form did olly murs go to?
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What college did olly murs go to?


When did Olly Murs go on deal or no deal?


Does Olly Murs and Eliza Doolittle go out?

No he is single

Does Olly murs go out with someone?

yeah joe mcelderry

Is Caroline flack dating olly murs?

yes of course she is go caroline olly is a fit guy x

What was olly murs first single?

Please Don't Let Me Go

Did Olly Murs go on The X Factor in 2008?

No, he competed in 2009.

Did olly murs go on x factor?

Yes. He came second in 2009.

What is olly murs first single called?

Please Don't Let Me Go

How long does olly murs concert go on for?

One cannot tell how long an Olly Murs concert goes on for unless one attended the event. Searching states that in the past some have lasted for approximately 2 hours.

How many albums has olly murs made?

2 'Olly Murs' and 'In Case You Didn't Know' Songs featured in 'Olly Murs' are 'please dont let me go', Thinking of Me', 'Busy' and 'Heart on My Sleeve' Songs featured in 'In Case You Didn't Know' are 'Dance with me tonight''Heart Skips a Beat(ft. RizzleKicks)'

Where is the next place OLLy murs is sighing?

Go onto his official website to find tour details.

What school did olly murs go to?

He went to Howbridge Infants and Junior School and then on to Notley High School.

Who is the girl in the Olly Murs video Please Don't Let Me Go?

I believe it is model Laura Dodd.

Did olly murs go to jail?

dont think so . think its only in the video dance with me tonight

Where does olly murs live?

he lives in essex up by enanbrught street at the top of essex you drive thought code lock road and privet gardens olly lives in number 28 and his road is called fame fame road lives on his own and that is where you will friend him xxxxx rate this answer for a good way to go and meet OLLY MURS

When is Olly Murs going to have a single out?

He has loads of singles out. Please Don't Let Me Go, his first.e.g. Thinking Of Me, Army Of Two

How many cds has olly murs made?

He has made 2 albums and other single including please don't let me go

Was Olly Murs once a footballer?

No, but when he was at high school he was the star striker in their football team. He went to Notley High School - where I go now!!

What songs do olly murs sing?

Busy changge is gonna come accidental let me go

Do you know where to go after seeing olly murs in concert at the M.E.N if you want to meet him?

near the tour bus round the back of the arena near the stage door

How many albums have been released by olly murs?

Two- One named 'Olly Murs' which was his first album released on 26th November 2010, and had his singles 'Please Don't Let Me Go' 'Thinking Of Me' 'Heart On My Sleeve' and 'Busy' on it. His second album was released on 28th 2011 named 'In Case You Didn't Know' and had his singles 'Dance With Me Tonight' 'Oh My Goodness' 'Heart Skips A Beat' on it.

How can you talk to a celebrities on the internet and they talk back?

if u want to speak a celeb from the x factor then as an example if u want to speek to olly murs go to http//thexfactor/

Did olly murs get a contract?

yes he did. He was signed by Simon Cowell and has sinse release 2 singles, the first of which (please don't let me go) reached number 1 in the UK charts.

What did Olly murs want to be when he was little?

Olly Murs was particuarly good at football from a very young age and so we can only presume he wanted to go down that path. He also enjoyed singing but never thought he would make it very far until his friends convinced him to audition for ITV's The X Factor. He came second to Joe McElderry and singing is what he continues to do. He clearly didn't enjoy his job in a call centre!