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How did the university of Michigan get its nickname the wolverines?

The mascot for the University of Michigan is the wolverine. The school adopted this mascot because it is the state animal of Michigan.

Sparty is the name of the mascot for which university?

Michigan State University

Who is Michigans mascot?

University of Michigan? They are the Wolverines. Michigan State? The Spartans. The state of Michigan? i don't think that states have mascots...

What is the Mississippi State University mascot?

The mascot for Mississippi State University is a bulldog.

Michigan state university nickname?

When Michigan State University was founded, they were nicknamed the "Aggies." That was changed, and they have been nicknamed the "Spartans" for quite some time now. The nickname of MSU's mascot is Sparty.

What college has their mascot as a spartan?

Michigan State University (Sparty) The University of North Carolina at Greensboro University of South Carolina Upstate Manchester College

What is the mascot of the university of Ohio?

The mascot for Ohio University is the Bobcat. The mascot for Ohio State University is Brutus the Buckeye.

What is the Michigan state mens basketball mascot?

Sparty the Spartan is Michigan State University's fearless and loveable mascot, a figure known throughout the state of Michigan

What is a good college to go to for an elementary education major?

In Michigan:Central Michigan UniversityWestern Michigan UniversityMichigan State UniversityUniversity of MichiganGrand Valley State UniversityCornerstone UniversityFerris State UniversityWayne State University

What is the best pharmacy college in Michigan?

Best Pharmacy School in Michigan:Ferris State UniversityThese are the best pharmacy colleges in MichiganUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborMichigan State UniversityWayne State UniversityWestern Michigan UniversityFerris State UniversityBaker College of MuskegonUniversity of Michigan - FlintMichigan Technological University

What state has wolverines and cars?

These two items would be referring to the U.S. state of Michigan (my proud homestate). The wolverine is the state animal of Michigan and the mascot for the University of Michigan. Michigan is home to Detroit, which was previously the automotive capital of the world, especially for the Ford Motor Company.

What is the Ohio State mascot?

The Ohio State University mascot is Brutus Buckeye.

What is the mascot of Kentucky State University?

Kentucky State mascot is the Thorough-breed

What is the mascot of Idaho state?

Benny the Bengal is the mascot for Idaho State University.

What is the mascot of Nevada state university?

It's not a university it's a college, and the mascot is a Scorpion

What is the mascot for Kentucky State University?

Many people confuse Kentucky State University for University of Kentucky. They are two different universities. The mascot for KSU is the Thoroughbred. The mascot for UK is the Wildcat.

What are some of the major Universities or Colleges In Michigan?

The University of Michigan Michigan State University Grand Valley State University Western Michigan University Central Michigan University Eastern Michigan University Northern Michigan University College for Creative Studies Kendall College Saginaw Valley State University Adrian College Albion college Ferris State Wayne State Oakland University University of Detroit Mercy

What city is Michigan State University located in?

Michigan State University is in East Lansing, Michigan.

What is name of Michigan State university?

hi what is the name of Michigan State university

Who are Michigan state University alumni?

anyone who graduated from Michigan State University

Where is Michigan State University located?

Michigan State University is located East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Who won the 2008 football game between Michigan state university and university of Michigan?

Michigan State did.

What does the state mascot of the state university of new york look lke?

Each college and university in the SUNY system has its own mascot.

What is the Mascot for Montana state university?

The mascot is a bobcat named Champ.

What is the mascot of nmsu?

The New Mexico State University mascot is the Aggies.

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