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32 inches = 81.3cm

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Q: What size belt do you wear in cm if you are a 32 inch waist?
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If a man has a 36 inch waist what size belt would he wear in centimeters?

36" = 91.4 cm

What size is a women with a 30 inch waist?

I have a 29 inch waist and I wear a size 6 -9 depends on the maker

What size waist do you have if you wear size 18 clothes?

Size 18 - waist size = 34-36 inch.

What size is a woman with a 35 inch waist?

Normally someone with a 35-inch waist would wear a 12/14 dress size (US sizing).

What pants size is woman 29 inch waist?

I wear a size 29 inch pants and I wear size 7-9 US. It depends on the brand.

What size is a 35 inch waist?

At least XL I'd say. I'm a male with a 31-32 ince waist, and I wear medium everything. When I had a 30 inch waist, I could wear small.

If you wear size 16 in jeans what is your waist size?

I heard that you are supposed to double the number. So a size 16 would be a 32 inch waist.

If you wear a size 26 with 46 inch waist is this too small?

That is not small at all. A 46 inch waist is not petit. Now the jeans vary on your figure. Consider the size hips you have.

You wear size 32 jeans what size belt do you need?

Waist is 88 cm, so about 98 cm

If you wear a size 5 in jeans What is your waist size?

I wear a size 3-5 and my waist size is usually a 27-29 inch. it also depends on the style of the pants though - if they are high waisted you may be able to wear something smaller than if they are low-rise.

What dress size is a woman with a 34 inch waist?

Dresses are more than just a waist measurement. They also have to do with back and chest. I have a 33.5 inch waist and wear size 12/14. However, I have really big breasts, so sometimes I have to go higher.

If your waist size is a 14 what size jacket do i wear?

size 14 waist to jacket size

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