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You should always buy the largest frame bicyle you can comfortably straddle at the upper crossmember (not the seat) with your feet flat on the ground. The seat and bars can the be adjusted to fit the length of your legas and arms. Your weight is irrelevant, as any frame can support normal human body weights. But you will want to buy the lightest bicycle you can afford. Your seat should be made for a feamle, with wider pads to accomodate the wider pelvic structure. Adjust its height so you straddle it comfortably with your leg fully extended and the ball of your foot comfortably on the pedal in its lowest position.

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Q: What size bike should you buy for your first triathlon if youre a 5 ft 8 in female with the following measurements foot to hip 40in hip to shoulder 20in hip to head 30in and an athletic 140 lbs?
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